Up and down the country, lifestyle bloggers are making a name for themselves. We have compiled a list of Edinburgh bloggers, Glasgow bloggers, Aberdeen blogs and then Scottish bloggers. Now we have decided to review the Top UK Lifestyle bloggers doing the business.


I am by no means well known in the UK space but have recently been picking up a lot of national campaigns for San Miguel, Angostura Bitters, Hendricks Gin, Moonpig, Aperol and more.  But it is my ambition to become one of the top lifestyle bloggers and am slowly but surely making a name for myself outwith Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Ideal for: Food, drink, lifestyle, fashion, consumer.

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In The Frow

I began following Jessica a few years back, in awe of her beauty and ability to become a top UK lifestyle blogger before it was even a thing! Her photography and content are so stunning that she now has a book out The New Fashion Rules. Imagine being THAT successful a blogger? Her blog is so relatable because it covers everyday life - from making a Parisian themed bedroom to sustainability to fitness and health - it almost seems as if you follow her, you become part of her special club. That is why she is top of my lifestyle bloggers list. 

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The Everyday Man

Isn't it refreshing to see the men doing blogging so well? The Everyday Man is one of the top UK lifestyle bloggers due to the sheer volume of topic coverage - that ladies will love too. From car reviews to grooming to music, The Everyday Man keeps us up to date with latest trends and advice. There are a lot of paid promotion articles, however also some really good organic content and tips.

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Forever Amber

For all those dream of being, soon-to-be and already are Mums out there, Forever Amber has the most blissful coverage to keep you entertained for hours.Of course it is full of parenting tips and little one literature, but Amber also covers fashion, travel lifestyle and more. Her photography is beaut! One to follow! 

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Fleur De Force

Fleur is one of the top UK lifestyle bloggers with a huge social following. Although a large majority of her posts are now sponsored, she clearly chooses her campaigns wisely and her following love her for it. Her beauty blog is somewhat of a bible for us girls and her instagram continues to offer an organic peek behind the scenes of her life.

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The Sunday Girl

Too often our top UK lifestyle bloggers branch out too far when the campaigns come in, but The Sunday Girl has stayed true to her love of make up and beauty. A laid back blog that treats readers to all things luxurious, this little lady even has her own beauty consultancy so she KNOWS what she is talking about.

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