Whilst Scotland might not be as big, bustling and huge as London and the South of England, we know how to party, produce stunning events, curate an award winning outfit and party like the best of them. As a result, we have some of the best lifestyle bloggers. Below I have picked 10 of my favourites.




Me! So I might not be one of the biggest lifestyle bloggers in the country, but you found me right? My blogger lists have grown in popularity and with that comes visibility. I love attending events not only to cover what is going on, but to meet the biggest and best lifestyle bloggers and Scottish influencers.


Styled By Rebecca


A gorgeous lifestyle blogger from Glasgow, Rebecca shares the latest happenings in Scotland - from events, fashion  and more.  A model by day, she is fast becoming one of the biggest and best Scottish influencers. Her lifestyle blogger lifestyle is the stuff of dreams!


The Everyday Man 


John, aka The Everyday Man , is a style icon in his own right. His blog covers travel, cars, grooming, music, lifestyle and more. He covers a huge range of topics - from getting a good nights sleep to testing the latest car. As a result he is one of the biggest Scottish male lifestyle bloggers around.


Honey Pop Kisses


This pink little angel is one of the biggest Scottish lifestyle bloggers going.  Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, her bubblegum nature will leave you desperate for you to have her at your event. One of the best Scottish beauty bloggers around.


Blu Blazer Guy


Scott oozes class - his fragrance, travel and lifestyle blogs just keep you wanting more. His immaculate coverage of products, events and more will make you his biggest fan. He is one of the best lifestyle bloggers around - covering all the major events in the Scottish blogger scene.




Gordon is spotted everywhere he goes due to his unique look and charm. This lifestyle blogger is everywhere - at latest premieres, events - you want something promoted, this is the guy to help you.


Emily Shakarji


A model-esque Scottish influencer, this lass has amassed over 852k followers and as a result is now a Boohoo brand ambassador. Her glamorous lifestyle  and stunning photographs means she has made it into my top 10 Scottish lifestyle bloggers list.


The Black Pearl


Sandra, aka The black Pearl is a one of the biggest lifestyle bloggers. She shares behind the scenes of her life - whether at home with her children or at the latest, hottest events. She is an absolute beauty with a wicked sense of style.


Erika Marie


Erika Marie is not only an incredible lifestyle blogger, she is a make up artist by day and holy hell - artist is not the word. She creates masterpieces. She is a great laugh, is the life and soul of the party and is someone you WANT to promote your brand. 


A Model Moment


Hayley and her husband Zach, are not only drop dead gorgeous, but - as a duo - are amongst the biggest UK lifestyle bloggers. A model by day, Mrs Daines is the face of many events in the country and ad campaigns. 

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