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Exploring Foodie Heaven With the British Hamper Company

Several years ago, and when my Auntie lived a bit closer to home, my Mum had the great idea to make up a hamper for her so she could enjoy all her favourite things. This was before the rise of companies who can do it oh-so-beautifully on your behalf.

One such company, The British Hamper Co. are one such company who create stunning packages by theme, price point or even for your kids. With hampers starting from £22.77 up to £800 (Dom Perignon anyone?), there is something for everyone. Each bundle of goodies comes in a stunning box or hamper. With Christmas less than three months away, take a look at some of my favourites below (these are for gifts, Mairi, not you!!)

1. The Scottish Delights Hamper

This hamper contains the finest of Scottish produce including Mackies Crisps, Coco Chocolate (the dream), Pea Green Boat Cheese Sables, Duncan's of Deeside Oatcakes, jam and more. Stay tuned for these items in use over the coming weeks. We received the most beautiful box this week and the joy in opening it was unreal! Everything was of such high quality, I was really impressed. I have had to put Phil on a ban of eating everything in one go.

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2. Luxury Afternoon Tea Hamper

Everything you need for the perfect Afternoon Tea, complete with Ruggeri Prosecco, Gingerbread, Tea and more (must supply own china and cake stands). Of course, part of the joy is everything is neatly packed, meaning you just need to grab your rug and pop off to the park.

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3. Gluten Free Beer and Snacks Hamper

The gluten free range on The British Hamper Company is impressive with sweet and savoury options available - Mum will be happy. This particular hamper includes two gluten free beers, crisps, toasts, biscuits and crackling, the perfect night in treat. I find it pretty encouraging that they have 13 gluten free options available and a raft of vegan treats - a company moving with the times. Of course, the most popular seems to be The Great British Gluten Free Baking Hamper.... but it's sold out for now.

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4. The Connoisseur's Wine and Cheese Basket

Is this not the basket of angels? The Connoisseur's Wine and Cheese feast comes with a Merlot Reserva, two types of cheese, crackers, chutneys, crisps, cakes and more. It also comes in a beautiful wicker basket of amazing quality that you will be able to use for picnics or storage. Light that fire, open the wine and sink into this absolute treat!

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5. The Christmas Extravagance Basket

This lavish hamper will see you through Christmas in style. The obvious would be to buy it as a gift, but given the number of visitors we entertain over the festive season, it would be worth buying this for the house. It includes Taittinger Champagne, two wines - a red and a white, mulled wine spice, truffles, marshmallows, chutneys, christmas cake and pudding and much much more. Forget all Christmas presents... I just want this!

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6. The Grand Extravagance Hamper

Of course, if money is no option then you would ALWAYS opt for The Grand Extravagance. it includes (deep breath) thee champagnes; Dom Perignon, and two Taittingers, a bottle of Macallan Gold whisky, three wines, a port, a gin, cheese galore, crisps, chocolate, cakes, olives, jams, teas, chutneys and more. Should you not want to leave the house all winter, you will do just

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Of course, if none of these options tickle your pickle, there are many many many MANY more to choose from. The site has done a brilliant job of catering to everyone. Just remember, if you are buying them as a present.... they are not to be opened ;)

With thanks to the team at The British Hamper Company for a Scottish Delights Hamper. The review, as always, is my own opinion.

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