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Winter Looks Worth Investing In

Keeping warm doesn't need to mean layer upon layer of fleeces and scarves. With temperatures hitting lows of -2.5°C already this winter, it is truly time to pack those summer sundresses away but you can still look the part whilst staying cosy. Take a look at some of my favourite pieces from Gant - perfect as a gift or, in my case, to buy all for myself.

The Cable Knit Sweater

An absolute staple of the winter season. My favourite colour is warm khaki (below); it can be paired with anything and is perfect for lounging in the house of pairing with a little skirt, tights and boots for a dressier look. Perfect with a tartan scarf.

The "Night on The Town" Dress

Every girl needs her glam at some point over the festive season. The Gant Jacquard Ruffle Dress comes to just below the knee with a full skirt and gorgeous detail. Made from jacquard viscose, it has an incredible silken feel to it. Whilst that ensures the dress is luxurious, you may want to consider pairing it with a gorgeous soft Solid Wool Scarf and Double-Faced Coat for when you need to step outside.

Dashing Through The Snow...

Nothing says winter like a good pair of boots and Gant's Hampton Knee-High options are on my list to Santa this year. Complete with cow-lining, they can be paired with a jean, skirt or dress adding a rich equestrian feel to your look. Practical AND stylish.

Wrap Up Warm

If in doubt, keep the cold out with a range of cosy accessories designed to keep you looking good. The stunning Fall Blues Print Silk Scarf is perfect for indoor events adding a touch of luxe to any outfit whilst the Neps Kint Hat will protect you from icy conditions. Any outfit would be upgraded via the inclusion of the Two-Faced Twill Scarf in light blue, pink or gold.

Finally, don't forget those fingers. The exquisite Dry Sand Leather Gloves bring a touch of Audrey Hepburn-style glamour.

Gant have well and truly delivered this winter, with a range of elegant and fabulous pieces, all incredible value for money. Explore the full range now.

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