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Voujon Edinburgh: A Review

I don't normally head to an Indian restaurant, typically ordering in a takeaway instead, and for that reason we always stay with our trusted local Nahar Bengali which is out of this world.

However, as a treat we were invited to try out Voujon in Newington which we had heard good things about.

The name Voujon means invitation to dine. Although set on a main thoroughfare, on a Thursday night it wasn't terribly busy. I put that down to the area being full of shops and not many normal houses, mainly hugely expensive homes nearby. Still, the people eating that night all seemed to be regulars who enjoyed coming back time and time again.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated - modern and clean with a (obvious) delicious smell. The staff were all incredibly smart and polite.

The menu may not have as many options as say, The Radhuni, however it offers customers around 18 starters and a hefty 47 mains all inspired by the stunning tastes of Bangladesh and Northern India.

I have learned my lesson when it comes to reviewing food that I just can't eat a starter and a main... and that's okay. So Phil ordered his Voujon Assorted Kebabs and I immediately got jealous. Not only did they look delicious, the portion size was perfect. Having eventually been offered a bite, I thought they were delicious; the salad, sauce and tandoori kebabs blended beautifully. The portion size has clearly been considered carefully - someone arrives starving and might be disappointed but come the main, will be too full to eat if it is any bigger.

Talking of mains, after a lot of deliberation we opted for the Lamb Biryani and Chicken Bhuna. For those not familiar with the dishes, a Biryani is basmati rice cooked in a rich butter, herbs and spices. It is also served with a vegetable curry. This then comes with your choice of lamb, chicken or king prawn. A Bhuna is a slightly spicier dish, again served with your choice of meat or fish.

We both shared a Peshwari nan which is a must for me! The sweetness of the nan and lamb together with the creaminess of the rice was beautiful.

The food at Voujon deserves a bigger audience. Yes, it is 10 minutes out of the centre of town but a quick bus or car journey is worth it, with loads of parking nearby should you need it. The atmosphere is warn and welcoming and it provides everything you need for a quality night out.

With thanks to the team at Voujon and Crimson Edge for a gifted meal for two.

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