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The Wine List: A Review

I love a good wine tasting, but am ashamed to know so little about my favourite tipple. I listen in awe as experts recount flavours and grape type and I nod away enthusiastically but always feel a bit stupid.

Enter The Wine List: a monthly tasting club you can enjoy at home - 2 bottles of perfectly picked bottle accompanied by tasting notes, trivia and supporting newsletter from Josh.

Not only does the monthly delivery allow you to try out wines you probably wouldn't otherwise, it enables to you to get some pretty expensive wines at a fraction of the price.

June's club featured Massaya White - a 2018 Rioja from Lebanon and Cara Sucia - an Argentinian red. Each. bottle was coupled with comprehensive notes detailing the grape, climate, history, maker and vessel.

We religiously stuck to the notes when it came to food pairings. That meant that our two bottles weren't drunk right away and we got two enjoyable evenings learning and discussing the wines. Having been in lockdown since March, this was the perfect Saturday night activity to escape the boredom of our four walls.

We put together notes on our provided sheets, outlining characteristics and aroma profile and rated each bottle out of ten. Any bottle scoring 8 or above, we will file away and mark the recipe we think it would go best with.

For these two bottles we tried:

Massaya White: Cod with green pesto and salted potatoes. The notes suggest a seafood pasta with chilli. We had it chilled and enjoyed it on a rare sunny day in the garden.

Cara Sucia: The notes recommended a vegetarian-led dish or smoky BBQ meat. Phil made his amazing moussaka which I felt was a little heavy with the wine. We should have gone for the BBQ.

Check out some of our notes below:

The retail prices for these wines total around £35.00 which, coupled with comprehensive guides, separate wine root information (for those interested in technical elements of the bottle) and communication from Josh throughout the month (which was one of the best elements for me - it really does feel like a club).

The production and packaging was first class - the wine choices well considered and varied. Whilst we are only on month one, I am excited to see how the choices develop.

If you want to try out The Wine List, you can order your first box now with 30% off. Simply enter FRIENDS30 at the checkout.

With thanks to The Wine List for the June box press sample.

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