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The Radhuni Remains King

It has been almost two years since we last visited The Radhuni in Loanhead. In that time, they have continued to gather even more awards and rave reviews but also, have had to adapt enormously to survive during COVID.

Whilst many restaurants have benefited from having an already established takeaway option, many have failed to maintain the level of quality that customers love them for, but The Radhuni is continuing to deliver their top quality food.

Phil and I were lucky enough to enjoy a takeaway for two on Friday. When I approached the restaurant to collect our meal, there was a queue (obviously with their success) but hand sanitiser was offered before you opened the door to their secure collection area. This was already incredibly impressive. I waited no time at all before a member of staff places the collection bag down before me.

Another thing we have found is when collecting items from town, they tend to be cold by the time we get home but the packaging meant our food was piping hot and easy to serve, with individual dips and salad all neatly organised.

It was no great surprise that the food was excellent, it is what we have grown accustomed to when we enjoy a meal from The Radhuni. It means I am confident to branch out and order something I wouldn't normally; in this case it was the Salmon Tikka - one of the nicest things I have ever tasted. I paired it with a cucumber and mint dip and was in absolute heaven!

Phil opted for the assorted kebab starter. Given his silence and the fact he finished it in minutes is a good sign. It is something he has enjoyed from The Radhuni before and nodded his head that it was exceptional as usual.

For my main I chose the Lamb Biryani with Peshwari Nan but I have a confession. As soon as Phil opened his Chicken Pasanda I was incredibly jealous. So I did what anyone would do and enjoyed my Biryani with his Pasanda sauce - again a total mix and match but absolutely delicious!

Whilst I am fairly timid when it comes to Indian food, and I am aware that a Biryani, Salmon Tikka and Pasanda are not brave by any means, The Radhuni's constantly excellent food means I trust I will enjoy anything they serve, from their takeaway service or back in their gorgeous restaurant.

The quality of customer service, experience and food means they deserve every award going and every success during such a difficult time.

With thanks to the team at The Radhuni for a meal for 2 with drinks. The review is my own.

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