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The Journey of Tini Martini with Hendricks Gin

Hendricks Gin are back at the Edinburgh Fringe, this time with a top secret show in a top secret venue that I absolutely can't tell you about...

hendricks gin

Well, seeing as you asked nicely...

hendricks gin

Somewhere near a pop up bar in the heart of George Square in the heart of Edinburgh, go back in time as Hendricks take you on the journey of the (tini) Martini. Your adventure begins by being whisked through a tunnel to another era, the time when the Martini's ancestor was born. The drinks are flowing, the scene is set and we begin with...

The Martinez

The precursor to the Martini the Martinez is a honey coloured drink with a pop. Oozing with elegance, sophistication and history, it was born in the late 1800s, making its name in The Modern Bartender published in 1884.

Original Recipe:

30ml Gin (Hendricks of course) 30ml Sweet Vermouth 2 dashes of Angostura biters 2 dashes of Curaçao

hendricks gin

The Martini

The Daddy of cocktails. The nectar of Bond. The delight you sip when trying to look cool. Following a taster of The Martinez, we were invited to create our own Martini; whether dirty, dry, wet (oo-er), shaken, stirred or a Gibson. The ingredients were presented in a gorgeous little box and deciding to be super brave I added an orange twist - I know, I aim to impress. Sadly, someone mistook a gerkhin for a cucumber and disaster ensued.

Whilst creating our masterpieces, we were entertained by two absolutely brilliant and eccentric characters, who shared more about the drink, how it has developed over the years and adding in a song and dance here and there.

The Modern Day Tini

We are all familiar with today's version of the Martini; the Pornstar, the pineapple, the Espresso... I love them all. Without going into detail, the show brings us to modern day where we are invited to taste a magical-tini with secret properties.

The journey of Tini Martini only lasts 50 minutes but it is funny, interesting and damned delicious. Credit to the actors who were phenomenal and to Hendricks for creating such a unique Edinburgh Fringe show.

Tickets £10 available from the Edinburgh Fringe website and it is on every night this week.

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