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The Golf Inn in St Andrews

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

For those of you who don't know, St Andrews is my favourite place in the world. Not only is it where we got engaged, for years I have loved the restaurants, shops and overall vibe of the place. Whenever we get the chance, we jump in the car and head up, so when The Golf Inn invited us to try their revamped menu, I jumped at the chance.

Located at number one on the infamous Golf Place, the Inn offers a warm and cosy respite from those weary for a day on the course or tourists passing in need of some good food and drink. Having visited around a year ago, I was fairly sure of what to expect - some wholesome grub to warm us up. What we found was totally unexpected.

The Inn was taken over by successful business duo Brett Lawrence and Gillian McLaren who run the delicious Rocca Deli about 5 minutes away. Their vision was to create a luxurious eatery that people come back to time and time again. With chef Rory MacCrimmon, who has worked at a variety of Michelin-recommended venues, at the helm, they have created a menu that blows the competition away. He is well known in the area for creating exceptional dishes and our experience on Saturday certainly blew us away.

We began with a quiet drink in the bar. The Welly Ball was on, so it was peaceful, something we gladly welcomed. It was then that we got to meet Brett and Gillian who have such an infectious enthusiasm I'm afraid I kept them from their job rather too long. They are so welcoming. Had the quality not been quite as excellent, we still would go back time and time again for their warmth and customer service.

The bar is traditional; a large bar area stocked with a huge variety of drinks. The dining area, on the far side of the room, was cool and calm by comparison. The Inn had a gentle murmur of appreciation as around six other tables were already enjoying their food.

So, the food...

We began with some delicious bread with creamy, almost cheese-like, butter. If this had been the only thing on the menu, I would have been quite happy. The bread was soft and the various flavours were just stunning.

I moved on to Chicken Liver Parfait, served with Caramelised Onion and Chicory. I should point out that I was planning on three courses, which always puts the fear in me. The portion size, however, was perfect and it tasted phenomenal, accompanied by perfectly-sized crackers.

Phil's starter was tiny little cubes of Truffle Macaroni Cheese (I know, right?) complete with fried Quail Egg, Artichoke and Charred Broccoli. The presentation of both dishes was first class.

Our main courses consisted of Roasted Wild Partridge for me and the 8oz Flat Iron Steak for Phil.

I have never tried Partridge before but the lady next to me had ordered it and it looked stunning. The meat was served with Black Pudding, a Baked Plum, Creamed Potato, Winter Chantarelles, Radish and Jus. The meal was gorgeous and the creamed potatoes - wow. Just stunning.

Finally, we opted to share a pudding; the Apple and Bramble Streusel with Honey Anglaise, Toasted Almonds and Tonka Creme Fraiche. It also came with an added extra. Again, a perfect portion and utterly divine.

It is nice to find somewhere excellent before it blows up. I am in no doubt that The Golf Inn will very soon be in huge demand, if not for its absolutely fantastic food then from the warmth of every staff member we met. It is uniquely positioned to offer locals and tourists something special. I only wish it was our anniversary every week...

With thanks to the team at The Golf Inn for a complimentary meal for two. All opinions are my own.

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