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The Cosmo Edinburgh Challenge

Have you ever tried the Cosmo Edinburgh challenge? Go for a quiet meal to the all-you-can-eat buffet, decide to compete with your dining partner and then waddle out? Nope? IT'S A GAMECHANGER!

Phil and I popped along to Cosmo Edinburgh at the Omni Centre on a glorious Sunday night. We came prepared, eating a normal lunch (but not too much), going for a walk (but not too far)... We eyed each other suspiciously pre-meal. How hungry are you? How many rounds will you manage? How confident are you that you will out-eat me?

He claimed he would eat a whole 5 platefuls. I decided to be a smart ass and match him.

The joy of Cosmo Edinburgh is you can have a huge combination of food. The four year old dude next to me decided to have a prawn cracker/chip sandwich with noodles and salsa. He loved it. The health-conscious lass next to me went for sweetcorn with a side of Korma. Cucumber and pasta anyone? It surprisingly works well.

In the end, he did manage five plates. I did three mains and a pudding and had to be rolled out - yep I know I know, not exactly Miss Healthy but it tasted SO GOOD! Phil had a smug look on his face. He could have gone for another round, he claimed, but didn't want to humiliate me. He is definitely the Cosmo King.

Cosmo Edinburgh is a great place to just chill and eat. You can dress up, dress down, dress however the heck you like, but there are some things to remember:

Rules for Attending Cosmo Edinburgh.

  • Do not wear white.

  • Do not wear lipstick, even stuff that won't budge. I guarantee you will come out looking like a clown.

  • Don't go too hungry and definitely don't go not hungry at all.

  • Go with a plan of what order to eat in.

  • Don't go for Korma first.

  • Don't take the Jagermeister - or any shot for that matter. It means less room for food.

  • True commitment means drinking water. Take sips, don't gulp.

Fancy more food and drink?

Thanks to Cosmo Edinburgh and Distinctly PR for the invite.

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