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Rabble: The Re-Launch of Ricks

There’s a new name on the Edinburgh social scene: Rabble. You may have not heard much about it yet, but judging by their launch on Thursday night, the rebranded Rick’s is going to be the talk of the town.

Described as a “low and slow taphouse”, Rabble promotes locally sourced food and drink, prepared to perfection in open fire pits and copper tanks.

The launch, at the end of June, was packed as would be expected with the weight of the Montpelier PR team behind it. There was a stream of drink and canapés on offer; beef and horseradish, cream cheese and beet bites, mackerel pate and more. The guests were young and old who all delighted in the stunning decor.

We were lucky enough to get a table in the glass canopied area. Covered with greenery and expertly picked accessories, it is nothing short of stunning. My boyfriend and I mentioned many times that to come for lunch on a cold winters day would be magical. The staff were incredibly attentive, one even offering table service when it was clear it would be a struggle to offer it given how busy it was.

The toilets, although evidently brand new, were incredible. There were a row of candles, reflecting in huge mirrors, mixed with Rabble branded hand produce and intricate flowers. The attention to detail throughout the entire venue added to the overall feel of luxury.

And for that reason, the aura of luxury it offers, I am under no illusion that Rabble will have no shortage of success. Judging by the amount of people who came and loved their makeover, the venue will be on everyone’s lips.

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