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Prana Indian Grill, Corstorphine

Lately, Corstorphine has undergone a bit of a shift in its appeal. More businesses are giving a chance, and various pizza places have tried and failed to make a real impact. The clientele are there, it just seems that the majority of start ups either don't understand what the area needs or don't have that je ne sais quoi to differentiate them.

Enter Prana; an Indian restaurant with a difference. Located a stones throw from the Dumbrae roundabout, Prana Indian Grill is making a real impact. A beautiful blend of Indian and Scottish cuisine, the restaurant, whose name breath of life, has done just that. They have created a magical concept, stunning decor and have identified and grabbed the opportunity to give locals something special.

Fans of traditional Indian food will love it; they offer a mixture of exquisite curries and biryanis but every dish is heavily influenced by Scotland; the gorgeous Village Salad with Kale, the King Scallops with Moilee Sauce, the Corstorphine Chicken Tikka with Arran Mustard. The food is no gimmick - the quality is absolutely incredible.

Phil and I visited during the restaurant's opening week and almost every table was full. We were severely impressed with the decor; the central blossom tree and stunning wall art is incredible. A definite breath of fresh air for the area. It was also great to see such a fantastic range of cocktails on offer, again each with a delicious blend of two cultures.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted with tiny poppadom parcels with pomegranate and avocado - unusual and incredible.

For starters, I had to sample the Scallops and was not disappointed. Phil opted for the brilliantly-names Coronation Street Chicken, delicate parcels of lettuce containing a beautiful blend of minced chicken and spices.

For our main, it was a tough call between the Lobster (yep lobster) and Awadhi Lamb Berry Biryani, but I opted for the latter. Traditionally cooked in a clay-style pot, it arrived piping hot and delicious, accompanied by a gorgeous yoghurt dressing. The portion size was perfect, although I could have eaten it ten times over. Phil chose the Hydrabadi Chicken Dumpukt Biryani and echoed my sentiments. (Apologies that the photo isn't great - I was too interested in eating it.)

The team at Prana Indian Grill have identified a gap in the market and jumped on it. It is important of course, to offer consistency good food - a reason nearby Fabio's has been so successful. But it is another thing to stand out from the crowd and create a concept that just works. It is the perfect place to get dressed up for and head out on date night, something the area desperately needs. I have no doubt Prana will be a huge success (our second visit is in a few weeks). It is a beautiful breath of life for the area - I can't wait to go back.

With thanks to the Prana team for a beautiful meal for two with drinks. [ADVERTISING CONTENT]

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