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Introducing Secret Takeaways

Over 100 independent Scottish restaurants join revolution to end extortionate commission fees

Over 100 independent restaurant owners, fed up of paying commission rates of up to 35% to delivery services, have registered with the Secret Takeaways app to drive business directly to their door and form a united front against third-party delivery companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats.

The pandemic has changed the landscape of takeaway food with high-end restaurants joining the scene, and existing takeaways revamping their offering; and lockdowns expediating a shift in consumer consciousness toward spending locally with independent businesses.

However, most consumers are unaware when they order from their favourite local restaurant through one of the big apps that a third of their money is siphoned off to cover fees. Many also don’t know that it’s usually cheaper to order from a restaurant directly, as prices are often higher on delivery apps in order to justify the hefty commission.

Secret Takeaways offers a platform that links the hungry consumer with their local restaurant’s ordering system. The user experience is at the heart of the platform, turning food ordering from an endless scroll to a journey of discovery that encourages engagement between the restaurant and the customer. Customer can search by location, category and view a variety of takeaway and ‘at home’ options.

Clara Gomes is in charge of bringing the Secret Takeaways communities together.

Clara Gomes, community manager at Secret Takeaways said:

“Our listings aren’t just bland menus, they tell the brand’s story and showcase their offering making the ordering process a much more human experience. For example, one of our member restaurants, The Pakora Bar, is run by three brothers who want to share their mother’s cooking with the city they love. Deliveroo don’t tell you that. But we do. Deliveroo also won’t tell you that when you order directly from The Pakora Bar, it’s 15% cheaper.”

The big three delivery apps compete with each other for the consumer’s attention. They spend a fortune to acquire customers and it’s a race to the bottom. We don’t have Snoop Dogg onboard and can’t compete with them on ad spend, but we aren’t trying to. We’re equipping restaurants to compete with them and our message is clear – save money and support local, it’s a win-win.”

The platform launched in Edinburgh today and is rolling out to cities across the UK in the coming months with international markets in the pipeline for 2022.

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