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Girls Are Back in Town: The Ladyboys Rule the Edinburgh Fringe

In a myriad of art and culture and University students painting the walls with their breath, it is always nice to see a show that simply entertains without pretence; that is what you find at the Ladyboys of Bangkok when they visit the Edinburgh Fringe.

Most Edinburgh locals will have seen the Ladyboys at least once or twice. In their 21 years of attending the Edinburgh Fringe, they have seen various venue changes and thousands of costume changes; from Beyonce to showgirls to cowgirls... their performances not only look spectacular but pack a punch.

For those who haven't experienced the pleasure of a night with the Ladyboys of Bangkok, let me give you an overview.

Firstly, the girls are gorgeous! Their figures, faces, attitude - simply divine. Coupled with several male performers and a circus-like setting, this is not just a spectacle. The girls and guys are super talented; their dance moves, energy and enthusiasm will have you on your feet in no time.

Secondly, the dancing I mentioned is compulsory. This is a place to have fun - no matter the night of the week. Be prepared to let your hair down and live a little. Seriousness stays at the door.

Thirdly, you must get DRESSED UP! Where else in Edinburgh can you put on your glitter dress bought for Malaga and never worn since? Get sparkly, get strutty, grab your girls and gays and get ready to have the best night ever.

I went to see the show on a Thursday night. The audience had listened to the above rules and were ready to party. The songs, the dancing, the cheering... that is the joy of the Ladyboys of Bangkok; their sole aim is to entertain. In that respect, they are are very much The Greatest Showgirls.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok run The Greatest Showgirls Tour at the Big Top near Fountainpark until 26 August at various times. With thanks to Gandey for arranging tickets for two to see the Ladyboys.

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