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Fizz Edinburgh Opens With a Bang

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Fizz. Even the word is delicious. The fresh pop of champagne and tangy taste as you take your first sip. Absolute luxury. And it is luxury you will find at the city's latest bar, Fizz Edinburgh.

fizz edinburgh
fizz edinburgh

The Champagne, Cocktail and Patisserie bar was the brainchild of Kay Harrison-Mann, who realised that amongst the throng of new pop ups in Edinburgh - something was missing.

“My wide experience in hospitality has taught me the attractions of a venue offering indulgent moments in a relaxing environment, backed up by first class customer service”

Indulgence is at the very heart of Fizz Edinburgh; its soft pink interior, luxurious soft furnishings and beautiful pink blossom tree in the centre of the room showcase an upmarket bar that is here to stay.

This girl does at fizz edinburgh
This girl does at fizz edinburgh

fizz edinburgh

Many will remember the building which used to be Sygn - I spent many an evening in there, but in recent years had always felt I had outgrown it. Fizz Edinburgh provides a space, open from late morning, where people can indulge and relax.

With a range of small plates and a wide variety of drinks, there is something for everyone. The decadent Champagne options, which you can compliment with an afternoon tea, include bottles, magnums and (my fave) Jeraboams. You can book a table package and spend hours with your favourites enjoying champagne, spirits and mixers. Or perhaps you are looking for a quick brunch - Fizz Edinburgh has something for everyone.

Gents, you may be put off by the pink florals of my post, but you will LOVE this bar. Take your mates, take your dad (obviously take your mum) and enjoy. But be warned, the word is out. Given how many people enjoyed the opening launch, we know the bar will be a huge success. Book your table now to avoid missing out.

Fancy more drink options?

With thanks to Hotel PR and Fizz Edinburgh for the invite to a wonderful evening.

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