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Edinburgh Unveils the House of Gods

Ladies and gentleman; grab you furs, your heels and leave your inhibitions at home. The House of Gods has slipped into the Cowgate and demands your attention.

Located at the foot of Blair Street, it offers a neon-lit, decadent way to spend an hour or two, or if you are so luck a night at the gorgeous hotel upstairs. Good behaviour is not welcome; you come to get fucked up and live to tell the tale.

The cocktail list screams "debauchery". Inspired by the tales of Rock and Roll, the establishment offers a variety of luxurious cocktails all with their own tale to tell. Whilst sipping them, you are surrounded by dim lighting, opulent furnishings, moody interiors... the misty, gothic architecture of the city looms outside huge glass windows as people hurry past.

The drinks themselves match the exclusive interior; Champagne Supernova, based on a certain Gallagher brother, boasts vodka, champagne and mint amongst other things. Papa Don't Preach celebrates Madonna's raunchy "sex" photo shoot. The Hot Rod Roy pays homage to the destruction caused by Mr Stewart in his younger days. Each range between £8.00 - £9.50, a bargain for sampling decadence.

The House of Gods in Edinburgh is, at the moment, a hidden gem but it won't stay that way for much longer. It's size and growing popularity means booking is a must. So go on. Do it. Do it now!

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