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Dinner With Shardana

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As lockdown continues to rumble us along in a new normal, I have been impressed at the number of local eateries who have adapted their offering to keep up with the times.

One such restaurant, is Sardinian-run Shardana who predominantly run the catering for high-profile and low key events alike. From weddings to private dinners, Stefano and the team have made a name for themselves in the Lothians and beyond.

With lockdown comes the need to evolve, and Shardana have launched their dinner at home package; a sumptuous 3 course Italian-inspired dinner prepared for you to eat in the comfort of your home. Trained at the prestigious Italian cookery school, Alma, Stefano has created a menu that showcases the very best of his skills but ensured it can be packaged, transported and delivered with care.

Italian food is probably my favourite cuisine and I could have quite happily have enjoyed everything on the menu.

The meal began with appetisers in the form of Stefano's notorious canapes. With a blend of blue cheese, caviar, a kind of njuda sausage and more, they were excellent. I grudgingly shared them with Phil and he agreed they were delicious. I did slightly worry about how I would manage the next three courses.

To begin with, I opted for fresh Buffalo Mozarella with Sweet Grape Tomatoes and Virgin Basil olive Oil. The mozarella came as a giant block and was utterly delicious. Phil was in charge of presentation and once cut and coupled with the sweet tomatoes, it could have easily been a portion for two. The meal also came with some extras including a thin pastry almost like Phil's Nana's favourite crushla (sp) which I had with the starter.

I have recently discovered a love for fish - I think they say that comes with age. With that in mind, I opted for the Baked Seabass en Papilote with Seasonal Veg and Mussels. I expected a small portion of seabass and, had I read more closely, I would have realised I was getting a whole seabass. Truthfully it could have fed three people.

This is a dish that was almost impossible to transport with grace, but the team had ensured it was kept hot and the masses of vegetables, seafood (clams, squid - you name it) and potatoes were delivered expertly. Whilst attempting to make it "look pretty" on a plate didn't quite work, the meal was excellent. It would be the perfect thing to rustle up and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.

I have to confess that at this point, I was stuffed. I enjoyed the beautiful cherries that came with the meal as my pudding saving my creamy Tiramisu for the morning. Again, it came beautifully packaged in a handy black dish, ready to be served. The portion size was for two and a skinny one, so be prepared to eat!

“When I am in the kitchen, I like to create quality food through the enhancement of the natural flavours of each ingredient. For this reason, at Shardana, I always try to use products from local small farmers and artisans. This way, I’m sure of their high quality, and I am able to share their passion and love of the products.”

Stefano's passion for cooking is evident in the meals he prepares. His careful attention to the blend of locally-sourced ingredients create a viable and unique option for Edinburgh's eat-at-home scene.

Whether you opt for his premium "takeaway" dinner, or use the Shardana team for an upcoming event, you can rely on their enthusiasm, love for providing quality food and offering something slightly different from the norm.

With thanks to the team at Shardana and Crimson Fox for gifting a three-course meal for one.

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