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Dinner at Wagagama Edinburgh

Wagamama edinburgh

Phil and I popped into visit Wagamama Edinburgh (their St Andrews Square branch) this week.

We have visited a few Wagamamas in our time; a quick lunch in rainy Livingston, a winter date night in Ocean Terminal and now a wee tea on a sunny August evening.

Wagamama edinburgh

We have visited several Wagamamas over the years; Livingston for a quick rainy lunch, Ocean Terminal for a winter date and now St Andrews for a Festival tea.

Wagamama Edinburgh have three branches throughout the city; the Square, Lothian Road and Ocean Terminal. As far as I can tell, St Andrew's Square is always the busiest, based on location alone. The venue is super cool and glassy; oozing its Asian charm. The interior is industrial chic, light and dark all at once. It has spacious areas both up and downstairs.

Both us started with Gyoza. As hard as I try, I just can't avoid it when it is on a menu. Phil opted for fried and duck and I went with steamed and chicken.

As always, they were cooked perfectly and the portion was just the right size.

We followed up our starters with Katsu Chicken for me. I mean, just look at the photo below... it was incredible!! I know it might be a bit of a plain jane option, but I am not good with spicy things and in that respect, Wagamama Edinburgh offer something for everyone.

Wagamama edinburgh

Phil on the other hand, went for a very Chilli Chicken Ramen. Whilst it looks absolutely beautiful, it gave him a run for his money in the spicy department - just the way he likes it.

Wagamama edinburgh

Wagamama offers convenience without any quality removed. The service was super slick and we were in and out in 30 minutes; ideal for those short of time or who are starving!

However, if you are going on a whim, then you may have to wait. Despite serving super quickly, there was a queue out the door, testimony to their excellent food and service.

Wagamama edinburgh

With thanks to Wagamama for a £35 voucher to spend.

Fancy more food?

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