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Dinner at The Bridge Inn in Ratho

The Bridge Inn in Ratho is our local - for me it always has been - and, as the village has changed so too has the bar, restaurant and hotel. It was always a great place to get some food, but due to the influx of middle class migrants flocking to live nearby, it has had to adapt with the times.

Phil and I love a good trip on a Friday night just to unwind after a long week and enjoy some food and drinks. We popped up this week and, whilst slightly quieter than usual, most tables were full.

We enjoyed a couple of drinks before heading through to the main restaurant. I decided to steer away from my usual (the Mull Cheddar Macaroni) and try something a little bit different. I opted for the Duo of Scottish Pork. This consisted of chargrilled chop, bbq sticky belly, braised endive and bramley apple jus.

Phil chose the Homemade Beef Burger with French Fries, Pickle, Tomato, Mayonnaise and Cheese. It was absolutely huge.

the bridge inn in ratho

What you will also notice is the mix of customers that arrive to The Bridge Inn; some are locals, some have come from further afield - West Lothian, Edinburgh, Fife. Some come for the appeal of the canal and so could be from anywhere in the UK. But there are also a healthy amount of tourists, lured in by the excellent reviews of the Inn. It is always a hive of excitement and it is nice for tourists to see true Scotland.

Over the years, The Bridge Inn has changed to suit its mix of audience and offers some fantastic events for people nearby. This includes fireworks displays, quizzes, live music, BBQs and more. As a heart of a community, it is imperative that they listen to the needs of its fans and they have done that so well.

the bridge inn in ratho
Guests of all sizes available

Most people will automatically choose town for somewhere to eat but it is accessible via a number 20 Lothian bus and only 10 minutes from the main thoroughfare to Glasgow and beyond.

I can't recommend our lovely little local enough.

the bridge inn in rathp
If you spot me, come say hi.

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