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Dinner at Dhoom, Dunfermline

Dunfermline, just 30 minutes by car from the centre of Edinburgh, is often overlooked when it comes to dinner and drinks but it can more than hold its own. In the past few years, a number of cracking restaurants have opened up including Dhoom; an Indian Streatery that stands out from the crowd.

Located just minutes from the Alhambra Theatre, it offers diners the opportunity to try an Indian/British fusion with menus changed regularly to showcase all Indian food, whether North, West, South or East. Don't book a table expecting your standard tandoori or korma... this place offers so much more.

We can't help but begin with the decor. It is so refreshing to see such love and creativity poured into a restaurant; it offers an advanced insight into the quality of food and the subsequent service you can expect to receive.

Peek inside the warm glow from the restaurant and you will find swinging seats, Tuk Tuk tables, Bollywood art, metal and chandeliers and wood - it is absolutely breathtaking. No expense has been spared and the ambience, as a result, is phenomenal.

Matching the quality of the decor, is the impeccable service. When we attended, the restaurant was fairly buys but each table was given time to properly understand the Dhoom menu and their amazing cocktail list.

Speaking of cocktails, this place is designed for fun. Match your with a Bombay Fish Fry with a British Raj... or if you are stuck on what to choose, have a flight of three cocktails with your tapas. If you can make room, then White Chocolate Samosas go beautifully with a Chill Chocolate Martini! Everything about the restaurant wants you to have a good time; you can't help but enjoy yourself.

When you visit Dhoom, you have two dining options; a mixture of tapas of the extravagant Taster Menu Dinner. Whilst the tapas included my favour paneer and mac cheese pakoras (!!), we decided to delve into the five starters and one main for two options.

The starters came out one at a time and included:

Poha Pokara - a bit like a spicy arancini with my favourite rice puffs.

Batata Vada - a dumpling that is a little spicy, originating from Mumbai and delicious

Dohara Seekh Kebab - chicken and lamb mince with cheddar cheese, garlic paste chilli and ginger

Bombay Fish Fry - the only way I can describe it is like an amazing fish finger - beautiful white fish in light crispy batter.

Chicken Harayali Tikka - succulent chicken thigh with mint, curry leaves, cream, yoghurt and ginger

You might think it doesn't look too filling, but there was a lot of eating in these five courses; all unique but complementing each other beautifully.

For the main event, I opted for a Goan Fish Curry and Phil went for the Konkani Chicken Curry both coming with rice, Masala chips and a variety of breads. I should point out that every single dish was either gluten free, nut free, vegan or dairy free - something for everyone. Again, it just shows there is no nonsense in the food - just good wholesome cooking.

The food was delicious; the decor stunning, but the main thing that struck me about Dhoom was the clear love the staff have for the place. Everything ran like clockwork; orders being taken and given smoothly, drinks being poured with care, staff entertaining guests. It is obvious that the owner, Dhaneshwar Prasad, and his team are well versed in not just perfect service but how to operate a truly successful restaurant. They have designed and created something that is truly out of this world and an absolute 5 star addition to Dunfermline.

Edinburgh, take note. You have some competition.

With thanks to the team at Dhoom for a dinner for two experience. Opinions, as always, are my own.

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