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Boom in the Second-Hand Car Market in the Wake of Pandemic

It is the stuff of nightmares and horror films: a worldwide pandemic caused by an airborne virus! And yet the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, while serious and deadly, has not been as bad as film and television would have us believe. We have not had to abandon our homes, the population is not reduced in the quantities that fiction writers have claimed, and while there have been many deaths and a huge impact on the personal level, governments have not fallen as a result of the plague.

But there have been some changes in the way people live, work and travel. One noticeable change has been the boom in the second-hand car market as people who were previously comfortable on public transport have returned to car ownership. Often, the reason for making the switch to public transport was out of concern for the environment, as awareness about the impact of the vehicle manufacturing industry grew.

Making a new car requires the mining and processing of metals, fossil fuels and minerals, and the manufacturing process is, itself, high in harmful impact, with exhaust fumes, paint particles and waste water all being produced in the car factory. Avoiding car ownership was one way of reducing this impact on the environment.

But with public transport seen as a vector for the transmission of the Covid-19 virus – or any other new virus that might come along – those same people find themselves wanting to avoid the buses and trains they so recently (relatively speaking) embraced. What is their solution?

Second-hand cars exist. And while their manufacture might have contributed to environmental issues, they might as well be fully used, for as long as possible, in the hope that this will slow down the production of new vehicles. Used cars also have the advantage of being 'run in' with all moving parts working together in harmony, while new cars can suffer from manufacturing

faults as yet undiscovered.

But there is a financial advantage to buying a used car – several of them, in fact! Not only is the purchase price immediately much lower, but the road taxes and insurance policies that are all associated with the price of the car are all exponentially lower too!

If you are unsure of how to get yourself a good quality second-hand car, and do not feel comfortable with the idea of trying to assess a stranger's vehicle, do not fear! Credible used car dealerships are there to help you out and they assess each vehicle's condition, make sure it is in good running order and is legally available for sale. You can buy cheap used Nissan cars from KAP Motors at amazing prices. They even offer warranties to cover you while you and your new-to-you car get to know one another.

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