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An Evening with Cher at the MacDonald Inchyra

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The MacDonald Inchyra Hotel is 30 minutes from Edinburgh, situated just off the M9 near Grangemouth. A former stunning manor house, it has since been extended to allow for a gorgeous spa, pool and business centre in addition to its original rooms, restaurant and bar area.

The location itself is lush; surrounded by 44 acres of glorious green open space, you feel as if you are in the heart of the countryside; not a stones throw from a main thoroughfare through Scotland.

Phil and I were there for one of the MacDonald Inchyra's renowned tribute acts, in this case Cher. The hotel have proven hugely successful in running a variety of tribute nights, where a package gets you a room, dinner and access to some very fine entertainment. The proof is in their finalist status at UK awards and the amount of people present at Saturday's show.

After an hour or so of just sitting and chilling out (or in Phil's case, perusing Asos) we made our way to the Tribute night in the events suite not far from us. I have to admit that given how quiet the hotel was I got a bit of a shock to see how many people were there; Hen Parties, a group from Eastern Europe, couples, parties... there were hundreds of attendees.

Dinner began promptly at 7.30pm. We had an array of drinks on our table and I had my pals from TartanSpoon there so I knew it was going to be good fun. The meal was pretty substantial, consisting of lentil soup, chicken with amazing potato dauphinois and a strawberry cheesecake with chantilly cream.

After the plates had been cleared, and following some audience participation from the DJ to get the crowd going, the main event began; an evening with Cher herself. I was dubious but I have to say Lynn Kelly's voice was incredible. She immediately had everyone on her feet as she strutted in in her amazing costume. It was an absolute blast hearing songs from my childhood and everyone belting along. Even Phil had a wee sing song.

After around 45 minutes of Cher, we were then surprised by numbers from Abba. Now, I have to say I absolutely can't stand them but Lynn's covers had my wee toe tapping away.

Watching everyone around the room, it was clear they were there for a good fun night out. Objective met. Perhaps too much in my case as I woke up the next day not feeling quite the Super Trouper I had been the night before. But for an hour or two, I had been Cher strutting about that room - and had a magnificent time doing so.

With thanks to the MacDonald Inchyra and Crimson Fox for an overnight stay for two, access to the tribute night with dinner and drinks and breakfast. Whilst the experience was gifted, the views are very much my own.

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