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Fathers Day with Moonpig

With Father's Day just around the corner (16th June peeps), Moonpig invited my Dad and I along to spend the day with them to help remind us of what is really important in life: memories and not.... stuff.

Yes of course Moonpig are a commercial organisation who we look to to purchase our personalised cards and gifts but actually they are so much more. They champion "It's the times we celebrate that matter". We can spend a fortune on bottles or whisky or Dad mugs but actually the best present has to be the memories you make.

My Dad is not Mr Sociable. I knew he wouldn't go wild to spend a day doing "activities" and making memories without knowing what it was we were going to be doing. But right away, he agreed to come along.

The Moonpig team had everything planned to perfection. From the location to the drinks to the goody boxes... they worked with local suppliers to not only help make the best memories but showcase local Scottish produce.

After welcome drinks, the day began by being split into groups of two. Our group headed downstairs where we were met by a green screen and a photographer. Moonpig's unique proposition is their ability to craft truly personalised cards. You have the option to upload a photo or make something all of your own online.

Looking at the selection on offer, I asked Dad if he would like an Edinburgh cityscape or perhaps the two of us cruising in a Ferrari. He simply replied "Apes". We spent the next 5 minutes literally monkeying about like idiots and my Dad loved it.

Once we had our photo picked, we were then given the task to finish our card - it was such an easy process and really quick. The card was created and will arrive with Dad this week.

Following an exciting first task, we were shown to the lunch area where the most beautiful spread was laid out. It included locally sourced scallops, potato salad, gorgeous pate, salmon, meats and more. It was very much like an upmarket picnic and the quality you would expect of a Contini restaurant.

The drinks were flowing and we had the opportunity to meet some of our fellow new found friends. Some had brought their partners, some their Mum - it was a lovely mix of ages. My Dad was by far the oldest there but enjoyed it just as much as those in their early 20s.

I wasn't quite prepared for our second task: a cocktail making session with Edinburgh Gin including a chance to sample their new Rhubarb and Ginger full strength.

We made two drinks - the first a beautifully sweet Rhubarb fizz and the second a stronger Perthshire Negroni. Both were delicious but the second cocktail knocked Dad and I sideways. It was hilarious to watch him rattling away with his shaker. He might even be an Edinburgh Gin convert.

Our third and final activity was a unique and interactive cooking experience with Canonball Head Chef Adrian Knibbs. He began by showing us how to shuck oysters (I swear I had a dodgy knife!) and then slice scallops for ceviche where they would be cooked via the lemon ingredients (who knew). Finally, we were taught how to prepare the perfect cheeseboard using all Scottish cheeses and accompaniments.

The final activity of the day was to collect our huge goody boxes containing the most beautiful hampers, examples of the Moonpig gifts on offer on their site. As Dad and I trundled down the mound as people gave a glance at our huge bright pink boxes, I thought again about what Moonpig were trying to achieve today. They offered me the chance to create some brilliant memories.

My Dad and I don't hug. We don't go for food together. We have never had a drink together at a bar, let alone create our own drinks. We have never cooked together, we have rarely have had a lot of fun together. Maybe he was just trying to appease me but he genuinely seemed to enjoy it. And so Moonpig achieved what they set out to do. They helped create brilliant memories for me old Dad and I. And for that I can only say thank you.

With thanks to the team at Moonpig for a day packed full of adventures, lunch and some drinks.

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