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A Bluesy Brewhemian Brunch

On Saturday morning, I did not feel well. I had spent the previous evening with my two best pals celebrating old age and life with a copious amount of drink. However, we were invited along to the Bluesy Brewhemian Brunch on Market Street and if there is one thing that will sort you out of your hangover, it is fried food and easing back into the session again.

You will probably know I am already a huge fan of Brewhemia. I had bounced out of the venue about 12 hours previously and slunk back in decidedly quieter. We were greeted by the friendly staff and following much needed cups of tea, we made our way to our table in the heart of the Beer Hall.

For those of you not familiar with the venue, the concept is brilliant. Every night there is something different and Friday and Saturday culminates with spectacular themed entertainment, dancing on tables and live music. It is an absolute blast. I was keen to see how Brewhemia would transform from the party area of Edinburgh at night, to a more subdued daylight setting.

Firstly, Brewhemia is beautiful. Everywhere you look, there is something to impress you, from their huge copper beer tanks to their decor and wooden furniture. It looks expensive - well cared for - and I like it.

Secondly, the atmosphere was vibrant. Yes it was a rugby day but when we walked in the place was buzzing, people chatting and starting the weekend in style. The main hall was hosting the bluesy Brewhemian brunch and despite being only in its second week, it was busy.

On a Saturday, the entertainment is provided by 12 Bar Brews - a duo complete with guitar and double bass who create soul-soothing music. The music sets the scene for a relaxed and fun start to your day.

The Bluesy Brewhemian Brunch menu was packed with all the usual suspects and more. Guests can choose from a fry up (in multiple sizes!), pancakes, waffles, healthier options and more. Your visit also includes tea or coffee and their renowned Bloody Mary.

Phil opted for Haggis Benny - a twist on the usual Eggs Benedict - and I had the smaller of the fry options which was pretty darned big. Everything had a southern twist on it - from smoked baked beans, beer candied bacon and rich flavoured sausages - it was delicious.

The next thing to try was their amazing Bluesy Brewhemian Brunch Bloody Mary Station, complete with everything you need to give your Mary a kick.

I have a confession. I was a Bloody Mary virgin. When it arrived, I thought having bacon, cheese, salami and olives on top was normal. It turns out Brewhemia goes above and beyond when it comes to creating a spectacular drink. At the station you could add any number of flavours to the Mary - some spicy, some soothing - which given I am a bit scared of Tabasco - worked a treat.

A bluesy Brewhemian brunch was so much more than grabbing a bite to eat. It has turned brunch into an art form - it encouraged us to get up early and start the day well. The music, the atmosphere, the people - it made it a great experience, and love Brewhemia all the more.

With thanks to Brewhemia for offering Phil and I a brunch service.

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