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C9 Forever Cleanse: Day Three

Guess what? I'm hungry. I have had my first C9 Forever Cleanse shake of the day and I am starved! It is partially because I know I can eat today that my tummy is like COME ON DINNERTIME!

I must admit, dear readers, I had a meltdown last night. Somehow I found myself in the car park at Marks and Spencers clutching a 20p reduced Chicken and Avocado pot, tipping the tub back and swallowing it whole.... all 171 calories of it!

This is not allowed!

As soon as my dirty deed was done, I glanced nervously around hoping the C9 Gods hadn't seen me. I slowly wiped my green tinged mouth and drove the long and silent 5 minutes back to my house.

The days of summer drinks in my gorgeous dress would be gone. I would walk down the aisle without being able to see the top of my thighs. I had buggered it up after two days of slog.

I thought long and hard about it but eventually told my pal Emma about my slip up. "Oh my god - 171 calories Mairi, that's amazing!" I raised one eyebrow and realised she didn't understand my turmoil. 171 calories was bad bad bad.

And then I thought about it. 171 calories is a whiff of fresh air. I could burn that by going for a walk round the block. I had inhaled chicken (protein) and avocado (good fat and protein) and realised maybe it wasn't such a disaster after all... bearing in mind the pizza that was shouting me over in the next aisle.

So, this morning I woke up and tried again.

On day three of the C9 Forever Cleanse, the rules relax:

  • 6 x Forever Garcinia Gel tablets

  • 2 x Forever Therm tablets

  • 1 x shots of Aloe Vera Gel

  • 1 x Packet of Forever Fibre

  • 2 x Forever Lite Ultra vanilla shake

  • 1 x 600 calorie dinner

Yep you guys, a 600 CALORIE DINNER!!!!! And 2 shakes!

Having said that, I revert back to my first point. I am hungry! I am tired. I am longing for the taste of kale in my gob. I am finding today far harder than yesterday but I have lost five pounds. That is enough to keep me going.

Today's thought: I am dreaming of food. I sniff food like a creep. I dream of melted cheese. I am five pounds lighter. It is worth it.

Stay tuned for Day Four

Read all about Day Two

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