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C9 Forever Cleanse: Day Two

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Day two in the Big C9 Forever Cleanse house. Poor Phil had to bear the brunt of my whining last night as he ate his gorgeous pork stew, rice, cheese and shortbread (I flipped at the shortbread - I don't even like it!).

I must say, this morning I felt amazing. I woke up ten minutes before my alarm and for the first time was wide awake. I literally jumped out of bed and did the day two weigh in. (Please note: you are not supposed to but I can't help myself).

In one day on the C9 Cleanse, I have lost three pounds, but I know not to get too chuffed with myself - this is mainly water retention and nasty toxins. Around an hour later, having taken an anti-histamine and my pill, my stomach burned and hunger set in. I crammed a few grapes in my mouth and vowed to get some more free veg at lunch to make a tasty soup tonight.

It might also be early days, but hubby reminded me of a gorgeous dress I used to love wearing. The thought of summer drinks in it made me smile.

On day two of the C9 Forever Cleanse, you are allowed:

6 x C9 Cleanse Forever Garcinia Gel tablets 3 x Forever Therm tablets 4 x shots of Aloe Vera Gel1 x Packet of Forever Fibre 1 x Forever Lite Ultra vanilla shake

Bears a striking resemblance to day one right?

I must say I have eaten a few carrots today, mainly because I haven't been prepared enough to properly do my free foods (carrots ain't there sunshines). I did try much harder on my thirty minutes exercise at lunch though. If you were in Livingston, you will have no doubt seen me puffing about.

I tell you, I am beyond excited for day three of the C9 Cleanse. Tomorrow I get two shakes AND a dinner - aren't I a lucky lass? The exercise does have to increase though but the way I feel right now, that will be no problem.

Today's thought: Last night was hard. Whereas I would look forward to getting home, chilling and eating my dinner, last night there was none of that. The key is to keep yourself busy. The rest of the day, two I still had a niggling headache but I do definitely feel far more awake. Tomorrow I get to eat like a semi-normal person again. I can't wait to have my first piece of solid food again.

The main thing I notice is already back is my motivation. I face masked and tanned and said hello to the workers at the Garage. I bounced out the office as my boss kindly asked if I had lost weight. The loss of mental weight is better than any physical loss.

Stay tuned for Day Three.

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