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C9 Forever Cleanse: Day One

Your girl is back on the C9 Forever Cleanse. For those of you who have stuck with me long enough, you might remember I went on and on about it for months. It was amazing, I said. Life changing. I would never go back to my dirty eating ways, I swore. I would be super fit forever.

I stand by what I said. The C9 Forever Cleanse is amazing. But lads, this is not my first rodeo. "Mairi," you may ask, "why on earth do you need another cleanse given you are now super fit?"

Well my pets, I slipped. For two years. Over time, a glass of wine or nibble of cheese wouldn't hurt me. Oh no. But of course, once you lose that commitment and think it would be oh so easy to lose the blubber all over again - you get a nasty shock. Perhaps it is because I have dieted before or perhaps its because I am closer to forty than birth, but losing weight again is BLOODY HARD!

And then Phil went an inconvenienced me by asking me to marry him (I know Siobhan - I'm banging on and on again) and I realised this had to be the motivation I needed to make a change. Summer was also lurking on the horizon and my fellow chubby friends will recognise the dread when you think of sundresses and inevitable chafing.

I planned for weeks to start my C9, but hindered by selfish PR companies asking me to review gorgeous food (I kid I kid - I love you all) there was never a "good time". But I woke up this morning after a tummy bug and thought bugger this. Now is the time.

With 410 days until I tie the knot (Siobhan, I'm just doing this to annoy you love) and wedding dress companies hinting I might want to come look at pretty white things I am back on the C9 Forever Cleanse bandwagon. For those of you considering it, I am going to give an accurate and brutal review of how it goes to see if it is for you... or not.

Day One

I am bollocked. I woke up hungry. I went to work hungry. I counted down to lunchtime realising there was no lunch... and felt hungry.

On day one, you are allowed:

6 x Forever Garcinia Gel tablets (appetite suppressants - hah!)3 x Forever Therm tablets (energy boosters - hahaha!)4 x shots of Aloe Vera Gel1 x Packet of Forever Fibre (for.... y'know)1 x Forever Lite Ultra vanilla shake (tastes like Milkybars)

Lucky, lucky me.

In addition, you must complete at least 30 minutes exercise, which is the usual walk around the work block at lunch. Yes, you are allowed some free foods which include raspberries, artichokes, figs, grapes, cherries etc... which I have been gobbling and shouldn't. You must also drink water by the bucket load. My idea of hell. Bring on the Irn Bru dammit!

However, I remember from the first time I did the C9 Forever Cleanse how absolutely fantastic I felt on day three. I had a surge of energy and the inevitable headache cleared. I bounced out of bed for the first time in ages and just felt amazing. So day one will be worth it.

Today's thought: It isn't easy. But your body is resetting and getting rid of toxins and water retention. Do everything you are meant to, tick off your list in your C9 Forever Cleanse bible. Right now, I feel cold, achy and hungry. But excited for tomorrow.

Stay tuned for Day Two.

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