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Get Your House Ready For Spring

One blast of 14 degrees and that's it. Taps aff, bulbs planted... Mairi is ready for you sun. Spring is my FAVOURITE time of year, not just because it's my birthday but everything comes back to life after a sleepy winter season. So it is time to get your house ready for Spring. Hooray!

Prepare the Outside

The Garden

Now is the time to start thinking about your flowers for the summer ahead. Typically, my front garden, which is a sun trap, will be covered in tulips, snowdrops, daffodils and then see a secondary burst in June time when my Delphimium arrives. I like to ensure all year there is some kind of colour, so even have various palms to give a hint of greenery.

I also have a herb rack. This year I left them out over winter in a shady sunny spot. My Mother-in-law mentioned that if you bring outdoor herbs in, often they can pass on disease. So this year, I took a chance leaving them outside and so far, my herbs are alive!

It is also round about now that you need to think about getting that trusty mower out. I gave my grass a right good seeing to on Saturday and I feel so much better. I also tried make sure your earth is ready for planting bulbs - clearing grass and nonsense from my borders. Do it before the weeds start popping up right, left and centre.

We have a little bar in the back garden and it was the nicest feeling to pull back the plastic and see it again. Bring on Summer drinks.

The House

Hopefully your house, fence and garden have withstood any winds or snow you may have had but its worth doing a check of the outside. Make sure sheds don't have leaks, fences are sturdy and gutters aren't full of mush. It's also a good idea to get your gutters cleaned every two years to make sure your pipes don't get clogged.

It might also be worth doing a Hive refresh. My lights still stay on until 8am in the morning even though it is light outside. Time to get it sorted and save some electricity.

The Car

Your car may have taken a kick in over the winter period, so as a precaution check the tyres and water fluid levels. Also make sure to give it a good clean to get all the horrible mud off it that, if left, can cause damage. Make sure to give it a good clean on the inside too. No matter how tidy you are, the long dark months can hide a multitude of dirt.

Prepare the Inside

The House

On the first sunny day, get the windows and doors open and give the house a good clear out. It will clear out any smells that may have lingered for the past few months. Wash sofa covers, rugs, throws - anything heavy duty - and get it hung up on the line. It might also be time to consider giving your carpets a shampoo. The easiest way, I've found, is using Rugdoctor - its absolutely brilliant.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you will spend the majority of your time at home, so it makes sense to give it some love and attention. I am one of those geeks that has a summer and winter theme; changing the bedding and even the lighting. Get that duvet changed as soon as it starts to warm up and give everything a bit of a freshen up. I often get some lighter candles with scents - Nina gave me a gorgeous Peony Yankee candle that will be coming out to play. Unless you are a hay-fever sufferer, I also recommend getting the windows open and leaving them so for most of the day. There is absolute bliss that comes with sleeping in a cool room.

Prepare Yourself

At Home

It is only after the first sunny day of spring and I step out my house into the warm sun that I realise just how tough I find winter. I enjoy TV as much as the next person but night after night under a blanket watching boxsets is mind-numbingly dull after a while.

I make a point of being in my garden at least once a day - watering plants, weeding - something that takes a few minutes. It brings me absolute peace. The same can be said for undertaking an activity you love. Too often I come home and plonk myself infront of the TV. Taking the time to read, tidy, talk... all of those things help centre me.

I have also got RIGHT into my bath. Chuck in a bomb and grab a book and I am in my happy place.

At Work

Now, more than ever, it is important to leave your desk at lunch and go get some FRESH AIR! Too many of us don't see enough of the outdoors, so make the most of your half or full hour, relax and take a break. I have found that now it is light when I leave and get home, my mood has massively improved. Bring on the summer evenings in the garden <3

Keep your health in tip top shape.

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