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4 Fantastic Sports To See Live

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

The sun is shining, summer is here and you're looking for an excuse to try out your new sportswear. Well, before getting active across the summer months, check out a few live sporting events to get your pulse racing and provide you with the motivation to achieve that summer body in a matter of weeks.

We may associate summer with wine, pub gardens and strolls along the river, yet when there are so many top calibre sporting events dotted around, it is almost compulsory to visit some of them.

If you're undecided about which sports catch your interest, here’s our pick for the top four to get the adrenaline flowing:

1) Tennis

When watching Serena Williams power down a crosscourt forehand on the TV, it can seem like tennis is one of the simplest sports you can play. However, once courtside, you will have a newfound appreciation for the skill and finesse of your favourite athletes. With Wimbledon just around the corner, it's the perfect opportunity to get tickets and see some world-class tennis at the most famous venue in the world – you may as well indulge in some strawberries and cream whilst you're there.

2) Football

This may be an obvious suggestion, but there really are few sports that can replicate the thrill of your team scoring a last minute winner. If you've never been to a football game before, catch a glimpse of the Women's World Cup on TV and you might become hooked to the passion and heartbreak that’s synonymous with the beautiful game.

If football is your game, you have plenty of time to book tickets before the season resumes; have a look for some of the top teams in the world's most impressive stadiums. But be prepared, the atmosphere of the crowd and excitement of the game keeps you coming back time and again.

3) Surfing

Surfing may not immediately spring to mind as a spectator sport – especially compared to other sports on this list – but if you’re looking for something a bit different this is definitely one to consider.

Pro surfing events are run up and down the country, with Cornwall a particularly popular area. The UK seas may be colder than in more stereotypical surfing countries such as Australia – but that’s all part of the thrill! What could be better than watching intrepid surfers do their thing from the safety (and relative comfort) of the shore, with a drink in your hand? It may look like a dangerous sport, but don’t worry – those brave surfers are actually safer than you might think. Studies show that there are only 2.2 injuries per surfer for each 1,000 days spent riding the waves. So relax and enjoy the spectacle!

4) Rugby

Rugby may not have the glamour of other sports, but nothing can match the intensity, determination and modesty of one of the UK's most popular sports. The Six Nations may be the pinnacle of the sport's excitement, but here are various other competitions that will keep you gripped throughout the 80 minutes.

More and more young people are getting involved in the sport, making rugby one of quickest growing sports for teenagers. If you fancy your chances, have a look at your local rugby teams and see if you can be the sport's next star.

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