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Born in the Borders: A Bar You Won't Want to Miss

Born in the Borders is the latest bar to arrive to Edinburgh this winter and you won't want to miss it. Set in the Waverley Mall, it is a much needed addition to the area with stunning interior and delicious food and drinks on offer.

The concept is simple: the outfit sell a wide range of beers, gins and wine but all originating from the Borders. The recent bar opening in Edinburgh is simply an extension to their renowned brewery, distillery and restaurant in Lanton Mill, Jedburgh and a welcome one.

Whilst the Mall has always had a good selection of food and drink options (Sushi Stop anyone? <3), the introduction of a gorgeous bar on the upper level that is cosy and welcoming will not only increase footfall but dwell time. Phil and I arrived at 3pm and left long after 7pm, enjoying their incredible range of beers, gins and wine. Although the bar only opened on Friday, already it has proven popular; both with tourists and locals alike. Whether you are looking for coffee and cake, or a way to pass the hours on a weekend, Born in the Borders Waverley Mall has everything you need to have a good time.

In the area, we often feel a bit limited for places to go. Sure, you have the Balmoral and nearby 20 Princes Street, but Born in the Borders has a bit more personality than those and class than the nearby Wetherspoons. It is like a little piece of Stockbridge has been brought south, and actually Smith and Gertrude is very much an inspiration for the style of the bar and upcoming cheeseboards that will be on offer. Hooray!

It was great to see how many people stopped to look or felt drawn in by the welcoming atmosphere. We ended up on the chat to various groups of people - some from Edinburgh, some from Aberfeldy - who all loved the concept of the bar. Not only is Born in the Borders Waverley Mall designed to show people a good time, it brings the flavour of the Borders directly to our doorstep (which I can attest to being brilliant).

With the upcoming refurbishments to Waverley Mall, I am sure Born in the Borders will have a home for a very long time.

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