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A Little Trip to Maison Bleue

There is a cosy table in a restaurant, tucked away in the deepest little corner of Old Edinburgh that has stolen my heart. We were invited along to Maison Bleue on Victoria Street to celebrate 20 years of their stunning venue and food, where I discovered my perfect little corner of the city that I like to pretend no one else knows about. Don't tell Phil but I am in love.

We found the nicest little spot upstairs, grabbed ourselves a champagne and spent the night meeting new people, testing cocktails and trying out the oh-so-amazing food.

It is probably safe to say Maison Bleue is a rarity: a restaurant that has faced adversity over the past 20 years and survived. It is testament to the quality of their food that they remain even more popular now than they were in 1998. It is not only the vibrant blue exterior of the Victoria Street iconic building; the inside is electric too. The dark, mysterious ambience with neon lighting dotted around the interior might sound eclectic to say the least but it works.

This is no typical French restaurant, however. The food is a refreshingly beautiful blend of Moorish, almost Moroccan like, French and of course, Scottish. We sampled garlic prawns, succulent meat, salads, canapes and more - all designed to showcase the very best of what Maison Bleue can offer.

Don't go there expecting the standard French cuisine. Yes, all your favourites are there; snails, Camembert... but they also have Scilian-Style Stuffed Red Peppers, Coconut Chicken and Steamed Couscous. The owner, Dean Gassabi, previous franchisee of the incredible Pierre Victoire, has created a masterpiece that was not only exceeding expectations when it opened in 1998, but catapulted forward 20 years, has adapted its style and service to keep old and new fans alike coming back for more.

With thanks to the team at Maison Bleue and Holyrood PR for a spectacular night out.

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