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Thisgirldoes Features on Spotted by Locals

I am delighted to announce Thisgirldoes has been featured as one of Spotted by Locals favourite blogs in Edinburgh. The site is dedicated to promoting the hidden parts of the cities we love, offering local tips and suggestions as opposed to those offered by travel guides or tourists. Check out what they had to say about little old me :)

Six blogs were selected, including my lovely little friend G is for Georgina (who if you haven't checked out you must!), all offering their own take on our city and what they love about it.

The site's authors - including Mark Gorman - hunt out regular tips that help not only those visiting make the most of Edinburgh but also appeal to residents. For example, do you know where the Archivists Garden is? Or have you ever visited Elvis Shakespeare? The site is teaching me a LOT about a city I have lived in all my life.

You can access Spotted by Locals on iTunes as an app for £3.99 on the app store or google play store where you gain behind the scenes access to 71 cities across the globe. If you are looking to uncover unique things to do on holiday, it is well worth the money. So go on and download. And while you're there, check out their favourite Edinburgh blogs eh? ;)

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