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Maisie's Boutique - South Queensferry

Maisie's Boutique in South Queensferry has been going strong for around 11 years. I am lucky enough to know the two owners - Julia and Caley - and whilst I could be biased, I promise this review has nothing to do with being their friend... I just LOVE their shop.

Situated in the heart of the High Street, Maisie's Boutique is one of the biggest shops in the small town of South Queensferry. Having grown up there with the girls, I always wonder if the charm and views will lose their appeal, but my recent trip there yesterday left me nothing to worry about.

If you haven't been to South Queensferry before or if you think it's too far away to visit a bit more regularly, the town boasts pubs, restaurants, shops, tours and more. Recently it has seen a surge in stylish cafes and the food in the area is unbeatable. Scott's has just opened at the Port Edgar Marina - ideal for a classy lunch or romantic dinner.

If you are looking for something a bit more traditional then cosy on up at the Ferry Tap all day. Something a bit posher? Orocco Pier and Antico will see you right.

The Maid of the Forth set sail to Inchcolm allowing you an hour or so to escape from it all and see stunning views of Edinburgh, sea life and puffins.

However, no trip to the town is complete without a stop off at Maisie's. The two young owners have turned their shop into a current (and popular) wonderland. Their supplier list is spot on - appealing to old and young, hip and geeky.

Their card range is stunning - with a mix of Christmas (Merry Christmas Tinsel Tits), birthday, Congratulations and much much more.

Maybe its just that they appeal specifically to my taste, but every gift I saw on offer spoke to me. I laughed, I begged Phil to buy me things, I stared lustfully at everything... But then Phil's Nana fell in love with the range as did all the other tourists who had popped in for a peek. If you haven't been, GO and have a marvellous time.

Maisie's Boutique are holding their annual Christmas Open Night on the 6th December from 6pm. Stay up to date with Maisie's and their adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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