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#FindYourRich with San Miguel

Last night we had a play date with San Miguel who invited us along to their #FindYourRich event at The Hub in the heart of Edinburgh. The experiment toured the country this week, finding people who were driven by things or experiences.

Phil and I were apprehensive. The PR agency gave only enough information to whet our appetite but with the promise of beer Phil agreed to chum me along.

From my previous posts, you will know I am not a huge beer lover but have been surprised when educated on how to taste them properly. Needless to say I was massively surprised to discover I fell in love with two types of San Miguel last night - more to follow.

We arrived at The Hub - the whole place was transformed into a #SanMiguelExperiment wonderland. The attention to detail was amazing. We were given a wristband and advised to go through to the bar and enjoy a selection of beers and street food. We were to be at the foot of the stairs at 7.50pm - no later.

A gentleman in a white coat greeted us and took us upstairs - still no clue what we were getting into other than we would find out a LOT about ourselves.

We entered a maze, invited to pop on some headphones to better understand the #FindYourRich experiment. We were told we would use our senses to find out what we were drawn to.

The first room was smell. Sniffing giant orbs of smoke, when we selected three we liked we were to tap our wristbands against a sensor - all incredibly hi-tech. I was instantly drawn to clean washing, a new car smell and some type of deep spice. I could have stayed their all night.

The next room we discovered what tastes we liked. Six individual samples of unknown food were served - a starter, main and pudding. Again, we were asked to tap our wristbands to signify which taste(s) we preferred. All I remember trying was the sticky mango rice and pulled pork (amazing). The caviar..... let's just say I won't be rushing to have it again.

Next was sound. Again a similar concept - listen to a series of sounds and pick which you prefer. I noticed Phil and I going for similar sounds, but when it came to the calming sound of a fan (which I loved) Phil much preferred campfire noises.

It was touch where we showed our differences. It seemed everything I liked was expensive - diamonds (I thought it was sand), a gold bar (I thought it was a gold bar), paper money (I thought it was paper money). Phil opted for almost the exact opposite of what I did, going for unusual feeling fruits and the feel of grass in his fingers.

The #Findyourrich #SanMiguelexperiment was over and we were taken to a room to find out our results - what does it mean to be rich? I was given a result I expected - I am materialistic, much more so than my lovely boyfriend. I chose the sound of a casino over a walk in the country; the smell of a new car over an ocean breeze. I chose the noise of an office and a Lamborghini and the touch of gold. For me, life is apparently a "carnival of excess"... I wish.

The truth is though, that this experience enriched my life. San Miguel have brilliantly used experiential events, some stunning website design and a story to change my whole perception of them. Yes they want me to buy their beer but they want me to enjoy it in an incredible way - making memories.

We made our way back to the bar where we sampled some more of the delicious beer coupled with lamb and apricot koftkas with roast potatoes that were out of this world and complimented the beer beautifully.

It was an incredible night and whilst I might be all about the materials, #findyourrich is done by experiencing great things with great people.

With thanks to San Miguel and Clifford French for the invitation.

Fancy more events?

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