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The Benefits of Lemons

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

It sounds like a book title right? But the benefits of lemons are massively underappreciated. Cheap, delicious and versatile they have so many uses. I only discovered their true power when I took a notion to drink hot water with lemon in place of tea when I was losing weight. But what makes them such amazing little wonders? Lets find out.

Lemon in your water

So many of us are not properly hydrated - I am worst than most. I find water a bit... bland. That was until I discovered how delicious it is when hot with a slice or two of our citrus-y friend. Not only did it encourage me to drink more, it kept me cosy in winter in a way that tea never could.

By injecting a source of Vitamin C into your water, it helps your skin quality, it helps with weight loss (due to their polyphenol antioxidant properties - ooh), they help digestion, a dodgy tummy and even helps fight bad breath! Your little liver also loves these bad boys, so a glass or three will really help detox all the nasty stuff that builds up.

The ideal way to drink it is to have multiple cups a day, with multiple slices in one cup. Remember to use un-waxed and preferably organic lemons to get as much goodness as possible.

Lemons for your body

There is no doubt that lemons are packed with so much goodness for our bodies. An often overlooked part of the lemon is the rind itself. Not only is it delicious in cocktails or grated on cheesecake, it is an essential aid to those suffering with Lyme Disease, which my wee Daddy has. As the rind contains even more vitamins than the lemon, they provide a great immune booster and aids in relieving joint pain.

Lemons in your home

Lemons are proven to have antibacterial properties, with their juice destroying bacteria belonging to typhoid, cholera, diphtheria and malaria. It makes them a brilliant cleaning agent and handwash too. Plus they smell amazing!

Talking of smelling amazing, I try my best not to use any air fresheners in the house - not only do they stink, they are really bad for you. A good alternative to remove smells is to simply either simmer some lemons with a handful of delicious spices, cloves, cinnamon etc... or even easier: a bowl of water with lemon in it. It draws impurities from the air.

Additionally, it helps cut through grease. Adding a few splashes to your sink when washing will help blast that dirt away. The juice can be used to clean copper, as a bleaching agent for cups or teapots (see teeth below), as a food preserver and more. Finally, they are a lovely little addition to any dinner table or kitchen.

Lemons on your skin

One of the benefits of lemons is that these little beauties are incredible for fighting acne and spotty skin. They have anti-fungal agents that make them a great natural solution for treating problem skin. You just need to slice up some lemon and rub across your face. It will nip on any open spots, so beware. Alternatively, you could mix some of the lemon juice with some honey and apply to any where you have blackheads. Wait around 5 minutes and then rinse well. The mixture will help soothe and cleanse any affected area.

You might have heard of lemon as a hair lightening agent, which it absolutely is, but it also helps to lighten your skin. Using the process above, it should help to lighten any scarring or spot marks you may have.

Tip: Try rubbing a lemon mixture across your face before going to bed. It is incredibly refreshing but also helps control oil build up.

Lemons on your teeth

Yep you read right! They are a perfect little antidote for stained teeth. Get yourself a little cotton bud and make up a mixture of lemon juice (straight from the lemon) and some baking soda until frothy. Place the mixture on your teeth, but make sure you only leave it on for about a minute as lemons are highly acidic and can damage the enamel of your teeth if left on for too long.

Storing your lemons

Unless you are planning on having your lemons on show (in which case you need to use them fairly quickly) the best storage method I have found is to seal them tightly in a freezer bag and place them in the fridge. They last forever. Once you have sliced into a lemon, it is best to place it in a bowl of water in the fridge, where it will last for around a week.

The benefits of lemons are obvious and we have only touched the surface here. (So much goodness for only 49p!) I would love to hear your feedback on how they help your life. Leave a comment below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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