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An Evening at Penhaligons Edinburgh

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

The weather outside was frightful; cold, blustery and nearing dark at 7pm. My boyfriend and I bundled ourselves out of the car and quickly hurried along George Street, bound for an evening of delight at Penhaligons Edinburgh. From across the road, the glow of the shop called to us and we were ever so glad to escape the Edinburgh bitterness and into a place that is warm in more than one way.

Penhaligons Edinburgh is a place I have passed many times. It has an air of mystery about it, set above the street, peeking out from its little corner. From the outside, it could be a coffee shop, bespoke interiors, an art gallery....

A gallery is probably the perfect way to describe the store. The interior is a stunningly beautiful artistic collection of some of the finest fragrances in the world.

Phil and I were here to celebrate the launch of two very special additions to the Portraits range Penhaligons are so famous for; Blazing Mister Sam and Changing Constance.

For those who aren't familiar with Penhaligons, their story is fascinating. William Penhaligon, a lowly Cornish barber set up shop in 1870, received a Royal Warrant and trimmed the Shah of Persia's beard. They are proud to continue William's story "with integrity, personality and sophistication."

That story is told in everything they do. Their Portrait fragrances each have a character and that character has a beautifully thought out life of their own. Constance, for example, is sister to Lady Blanche. She is modern, often seen in perfectly tailored cashmere trousers and is a suffrage supporter. The shop itself helps tell Constance's story via their decor and stunning scent of the Eau de Parfum itself.

Penhaligons Edinburgh stocks a large array of perfumes including the Portait collection and various options for ladies and gents. Their body lotions, creams and candles are enough to leave you head over heels for their beautiful little secret escape right in the heart of George Street.

To compliment the evening, beautifully matched and bespoke Constance and Sam cocktails were served courtesy of Nauticus Bar on Duke Street. The bar prides itself on the use of the very finest of Scottish produce where possible. I was delighted to be introduced to the Port of Leith Distillery's Oloroso Sherry and Sweetdram's Escubac that you mix with tonic but is NOT a gin. The cocktail was sweet yet fiery - absolutely delicious - and clearly a lot of time and effort had gone in to pairing the scents of the perfumes with the taste of the cocktails.

We had such a beautiful evening. A trip to Penhaligons Edinburgh isn't just a shopping trip but an experience, one I can't wait to do again.

Why not check out Penhaligons' Profiling Tool that helps you select the ideal scent for you or a loved one?

Thanks to Lee Ann and the team from Penhaligons Edinburgh for a truly wonderful night out and lovely little goody bag. <3

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