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Edinburgh Fireworks

The Edinburgh Fireworks night is here - an evening of colour, entertainment and waving goodbye to another years Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For those living in the city, it can be an exhausting time; our four weeks are saturated with glitter, interpretative dance and a face full of flyers. Whether you want to escape it or not, there is nothing that can stop the force of the Festival.

Personally, I love it. I love inclusion and the joy that comes from seeing young people's expressions the first time their company visit the Royal Mile. But I won't lie - I'm tired.

So tonight, seems very much like a thank you to the residents of our fair city. At 9pm, the castle will erupt in a jet of colour as Virgin Money showcase their beautifully orchestrated pyrotechnic concert in conjunction with the stunning Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

If you have never watched the fireworks, you are in for a treat but you must be prepared. The viewing location (and escaping the city afterwards) is a fine art. Some firework spotting tips are below. Enjoy.

Wrap up warm

Yes it is Summer but it is Scotland. The weather has turned already and at night it can be bitterly cold, particularly if you are standing still for long periods of time. Pack wisely: rugs, flasks - when I was younger my Mum popped me in a feather sleeping bag and I had a lovely, cosy wee time. Remember a chair - it isn't much fun to need a seat and only have concrete or grass to contend with.

Go all out

While you are at it, make sure you pack some treats. When I was younger, we made a picnic our tradition. Prosecco, wine, crisps, Marks and Spencer's finest. Inverleith Park is a brilliant place to picnic, with excellent viewpoints.

Bring friends

It is far more fun to enjoy if there is a group of you. Tonight, my family and friends are having dinner at The Herringbone then heading along to Clark Road to watch the main event. It is a brilliant and uninterrupted vantage point, allowing you exit the city quickly before things get too hectic. It is a busy area though, so I would recommend getting there at least half an hour in advance.

Head for the hills

Edinburgh is a city of peaks and troughs, and those peaks provide the perfect viewpoint for a firework or two. Corstorphine and Blackford Hill are particularly popular, but remember it will be coldy cold cold.

Out of town

Given the grandness of the event, the fireworks can be seen in Fife, West Lothian and beyond. You don't always have to head right into the city to take part. A rule of thumb: if you can see Arthur's Seat, you will see the display. The Maid of the Forth even offer a special evening package.

Music to our ears

We are privileged to enjoy the sounds of the Scottish Chamber orchestra, aired live on Forth 1. Remember some speakers or headphones to enjoy the full effect of the evening. More information on the playlist is available here.

Make a tradition

The best part of the evening is making an Edinburgh firework tradition. All my life, we have made a point of spending this one evening with our friends and family and it is my favourite night of the year. It is a chance to say goodbye to the Summer and enjoy a magical night. This year will be no different.

Are you missing tonight's spectacular show? Don't worry, we will be covering the event on Instagram from 7.15pm.

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