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Principal Moments on George Street

I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, made even more spectacular when basked in sunshine. Last night, we celebrated the reveal of the Principal George Street's stunning library and forth view terrace and were treated to a different hidden part of Edinburgh.

The evening, hosted by the Principal, The Printing Press and Taittinger Champagne, began with an introduction to the Hotel's newly refurbished library, a stunning place suitable for exclusive events or dinners. A champagne later, we were whisked to the bar area of The Printing Press where we sampled a range of Taittinger-based cocktails and delicious canapes and had time to chat with friends.

It was great to see such a mix of bloggers and press at the event and we certainly met lots of fantastic people from Glasgow and beyond.

Following cocktails, we were treated to a two course meal at The Printing Press - a delicious Gin-Cured Trout with avocado, mussels and beetroot starter followed by succulent pork belly.

The final stop on our tour of the luxury hotel was the much-anticipated Forth View Terrace area, only available exclusively for private members and, luckily, us. With live music, a champagne-stocked bar, dessert canapes and a view that took my breath away, it was more like being in Marbella than Edinburgh. Looking over rooftops to the Castle and seeing hidden gardens and balconies I realised some people in Edinburgh have access to a part of the city that no one else does. I was given my very own special #principalmoment and appreciated just how lucky I am to be able to experience things others don't - albeit for an evening.

The night set out to show the luxury and opulence of the hotel but gave us so much more. The attentiveness of staff, quality of food and my goodness - that secret rooftop view means other hotels have a lot to aspire to.

Thank you to Jigsaw PR, Principal Hotels, The Printing Press and Taittinger Champagne for inviting me.

Fancy more events? Or finding out which Edinburgh bloggers attended?

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