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Make 2nds Count - The Launch

Everyone comes up against something in life that is hard to face. For some it may be a job loss or mass crisis of confidence. For others, it may be a death or illness - something so consuming it can seem impossible to keep going.

Everyone comes up against something in life that is hard to face. It is how we do face it that makes some people stand out. No one knows the true struggles of another. Many are quick to judge when someone crumbles and feels they can't go on. Many are in awe of those who fight adversity head on. I have talked often of my friend Dean who, having being diagnosed with MS, decided to take life by the horns and do whatever he could to raise money and fight a debilitating illness.

I am lucky enough to have another friend who is an absolute inspiration. Lisa Fleming was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer last year. She is a little more than a year older than me, with a wonderful husband and son. She has a fantastic career and regularly performed in musicals in the city. The diagnosis, I can only attempt to imagine, must have been not only terrifying but so impossibly unfair.

It is Lisa and her husband Euan's attitude, however, that I am truly in awe of. Not one to take things lying down, they have set up a charity, Make 2nds Count, dedicated to raising awareness and research funds for men and women living with secondary breast cancer. This vital research will not only eventually find a cure for the disease, but will make the lives of those currently suffering a little easier.

In the space of weeks, the Make 2nds Count team have set up a business, website, fundraising opportunities and most importantly, a launch event - all whilst undertaking gruelling trips to London and hospitals for treatment. That is something you must remember - the couple are focusing on helping others, whilst experiencing the illness themselves.

But more about the event. On Wednesday 30 May, the charity will see its launch at the prestigious Prestonfield Hotel, where guests will hear more about the opportunities to support. The charity is making real waves, and you can help by donating time or money to make an absolute difference to ordinary people affected by an incurable disease.

So how can you take part? The team are looking for fundraisers, people to host events, people to offer their time volunteering across many disciplines. You can make a donation, however small. You can like their Facebook page, twitter and instagram but most importantly you can stay vigilant. Educate yourself and others on how to check and check regularly.

Lisa and Euan have turned their difficulties into an inspirational positive. We can all join them and help cure a disease that affects so many.

Make 2nds count.

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