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The Roseberry Club Announce Scottish Rugby Partnership

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Last month, I got a very excited phone call from my friend Chris. "You won't believe it," he gleefully chimed in my ear, "we've only gone and won the Scottish Rugby formalwear deal!" Let's be honest - the team at Roseberry Tailoring are known for their high standards when it comes to suits, so who better to dress the lads?

The announcement was made public at the Roseberry Club's event at Hotel Du Vin where guests were left in suspense as Grant Gilchrist moved to the microphone. The two year deal had been formalised and Roseberry would be responsible for the suiting and booting of the lads who were no strangers to the rugby world having been the preferred supplier for Tim Visser for the past year. The night was full of celebrations as both parties excitedly looked forward to the time ahead of them.

It's no easy task to suit a bunch of gents whos bodies are designed to perform. The heights, weights, proportions and sporting physiques mean it can be tricky for tailors to craft suits that fit the bill. But having seen the finished result, the team look incredible - ensuring their performance on-field matches their professional look off it.

The partnership has catapulted Roseberry Tailoring into the limelight; most recently creating the bespoke Hearts Tartan jacket for Ann Budge when she launched the new stand. The team were approached by the head of Commercial Operations who had heard postive reviews of the team. The piece was very much collaborative and Ann is delighted with the finished result. Hearts fan or no, I think you can agree she looks fantastic. And it is the quality, and ultimate recommendations, that ensure Roseberry are going from strength to strength - I can't think of a team who deserve it more.

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