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Hickory Bars and the Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

In the myriad of pop up bars that have graced the Edinburgh Fringe this year, it is refreshing to find one that is a bit different. Hickory Bars host their incredible Botanical Gardens at George Heriot's and it is a little slice of calm in an otherwise bustling city.

Hickory Bars have been lucky enough to be the official drink provider for the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival. That means they have a prime spot; an ideal place for celeb spotting and an even better place to get one of the best vantage points of the Tattoo fireworks.

Hickory invited me along to celebrate their #fizzyfringe with them and prepared a unique night of flame and volcano inspired cocktails to compliment the firey tattoo finale. Their captivating Bar Manager, Paul Connolly, took us through three incredible drinks; from an ashen egg-coated bloody mary to a sparkly fizzy sour cocktail that honestly tasted incredible.

Hickory pride themselves on having an excellent stock of Scottish produce and these were the basis for all drinks we were lucky enough to try. They also have an amazing prosecco tap, that if I could find one for my house would get it installed immediately.

As if the rugs, deck chairs and earphones to listen to the BBC weren't enough, at the moment of the fireworks, a band started playing music that absolutely complimented the tenacity of the display.

We were also lucky enough to share some time with Stephanie Stubbs, Deputy Managing Director of Hickory who said: “The BBC and Hickory share similar brand values of creativity, value-for-money and collaboration. We wanted to be a showcase for the best of Scottish drink, create something new and vibrant and offer it at a price that’s fair. That way the experience people have at Hickory’s Botanical Garden is positive and a great reflection on Edinburgh.The BBC is such a powerful pull for all generations and this space is truly special, especially at night when the fireworks begin.”

Being amongst my friends and fellow bloggers, learning about the complimentary ingredients required to make a cocktail so special, celebrating the Festival and city in a way I never have before... I realised Stephanie is absolutely right. The bar is truly special. With over a week left to go, make the time and find out for yourself why it is quite so unique.

The Hickory Botanical Garden bar is open until the 25th of August from 11am – 1am at venue number 25.

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