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Brewhemia: The Launch

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new kid on the block and their name is Brewhemia. Never heard of it? Given their amazing marketing campaign, I'm not sure how but don't worry you soon will.

Brewhemia is the newly refurbished (and beautifully so) City and Sportsters on Market Street. Described as "a haven for those with a thirst for discovery", they house six huge copper tanks, buzz-for-prosecco tables, food, wine and so much more. Their launch night was Thursday, 3rd of August and Represent were lucky enough to attend.

Owners, Castle Leisure Group, have ploughed almost £2 million into the stunning venue and it shows. From the decor to staff uniforms: everything is decadent and designed to impress. 29,000 square feet has been transformed from a super dark superclub, to a wooden-clad, chandelier swinging beer palace.

"It’s not a beer hall, it’s a palace and when customers see it, they’ll understand. Think Great Gatsby in one hand, Moulin Rouge in the other, put your hands together and that is the bling and decadence at the heart of the space." explains manager Danny Wylie. And he has described the venue beautifully.

Not only does Danny know what is needed to create a cracking venue, he has mastered the art of marketing.

The outfit started by building links with local influencers including Edinbraw and Boys Eat Scotland, and seeded content and advertising out via them. This was coupled by a large-scale out of home campaign. Edinsketcher was commissioned for both interior work but also took a stunning drawing of the main entrance one month prior to opening.

A tactical launch, Brewhemia has jumped right into the heart of Edinburgh, with an action-packed Fringe programme. Traditional nights, a church service (!), Drag queen bingo (!!); these are the type of events that will make Brewhemia a huge hit and most importantly, stand out in a busy Edinburgh scene. This dual approach of engagement, impact advertising and tapping into the fringe market means the venue is already generating a buzz.

They also knows the power of suspense. The posters across the city appeared weeks before opening. The blogger liaison has been happening for months. Inside was kept a closely guarded secret whilst staff and managers talked impressively at what might be inside. A bloggers night on Wednesday only helped add excitement. All this resulted in huge queues and a killer turn out to watch Finn Russell Tap the very first Tank. Ticketed of course.

By engaging with the local community, jumping on the Fringe show bandwagon and knowing sometimes the longer you make someone wait the more impatient they will be to see the end result, Brewhemia have masted the art of promotion. Collaboration, relevance and tactical influencer engagement is key - that is something work hard to achieve at Represent.

With the venue a stones throw from our office in Calton Road, we are loyal Brewhemians through and through.

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