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La Favorita and Their Giant Pizza

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

La Favorita have launched the dream: a half metre long pizza and bottle of prosecco for £40! I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch on Thursday and I have a confession. I was a La Favorita virgin. Yes, I had grabbed a slice of my friend's takeaway month's back. But I had never sat in their restaurant and realised just how incredible these guys are.

So let me explain the concept: you and a friend can share a half metre long pizza and Thursday between 4-10pm. To put that into context, a HALF METRE PIZZA is eight large square slices each, choosing from eight different delicious toppings. It's huge but if I am being honest, I would quite happily not share with anyone and try to devour the whole thing myself. But for the purposes of the people around me I politely didn't make a fool of myself and stuck to a normal sized amount.

La Favorita pizza, as a lot of you will know, is just hand-fired, gooey goodness. So good, in fact, the restaurant chain have won many awards over the years. Testament to this were the queues trying to find a seat. The atmosphere was buzzing, as everyone was out to have a good time and this is something instilled in the restaurant's ethos.

Tony Crolla, Chairman of Vittoria Group comments, "Eating out should be fun and as a family owned Italian restaurant group, we are open to experimentation and innovation - so our customers continue to enjoy the delicious, fresh and authentic Italian food that we have become so well-known for."

So, in a bid to make my weekends start early, Phil and I will be regulars. Who doesn't want to start the weekend as they mean to go on with food, drink and fun?

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