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Kilted Lobster at Restaurant of the Year Finals

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Flash back to January the 1st. Another Christmas and Hogmanay had passed where I was yet again single, sick of the weather and feeling pretty miserable about life. It was those factors that spurred me on to refuse to enter 2017 with a negative attitude and insisted my old Mother should get her glad rags on and escort me out for dinner. It was quite by chance we decided on the Kilted Lobster and thank goodness we did.

Tucked away on St Stephen’s Street, it may look the kind of restaurant you could simply walk by, but the buzz generated from it’s offering means that is now impossible. It makes sense, therefore, that the Kilted Lobster has been shortlisted for the 2017 Seafood Restaurant of the Year, competing with the likes of Ninth Wave in Mull, The Three Chimneys in Skye and The Idle Rocks in Cornwall – all restaurants with prestigious histories.

Launched by Seafish and The Caterer in 2015, the competition strives to find restaurants serving the highest quality fish and shellfish dishes; those that source responsibly, have an impeccable knowledge of the food they offer and endure to offer their customers the best of experiences.

Andy Gray, the Trade Marketing Manager for Seafish, said: “The Seafood Restaurant of the Year competition provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase the wide range of restaurants, pubs and cafés that are excelling in providing customers with top quality fish and shellfish dining experiences.“

With a large list of initial contenders, the final top ten will be visited by a mystery diner with results of the National winner being announced in September. There is a bespoke trophy on offer, but also a paid-for study trip to Devon to enhance the team’s knowledge of the catching, processing and supply of Seafood.

With only three finalists from Scotland, the Kilted Lobster has an above average chance of winning if my last visit was anything to go by. With Tattinger and Thermidor pairings, juicy Isle of Mull scallops, seabream, salmon hake and more, the restaurant ensure they cater for everyone; vegetarian and meat-lovers alike.

My Mother declared our visit as the very best of starts to the year and that perhaps we should make it a tradition. And so we shall. Although this time, I will feel pretty happy with my life and bring along my boyfriend.

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