• airbnb

    The Highs and Lows of Airbnb

    After 2 years, 288 stays, 1 broken shower and a multitude of “Did you have a good holiday?”, Airbnb and I are breaking up. On Saturday 1 September, the last guest will close the door behind them and our spare…

  • the lookout

    Name of Calton Hill Restaurant Revealed

    Dale Mailley, chef director of The Gardener’s Cottage, has revealed the name for his third Edinburgh restaurant. The Lookout by Gardener’s Cottage is a partnership with Collective, the organisation currently re-developing the City Observatory site on Calton Hill into a new…

  • hawskmoor edinburgh

    A Visit to Hawksmoor Edinburgh

    We had a weekend of fine dining – partially to celebrate our anniversary and friend’s birthday, partially to have any old excuse to visit the newly opened Hawksmoor Edinburgh. I had heard great things about the restaurant following the blogger…

  • waldorf astoria edinburgh

    A Look Back in Time: The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh

    I am turning into my Mother. Whenever a youth asks me where the Picturehouse is I say, “You mean Revolution?”. My Mum still refuses to call the Festival Theatre anything other than the Pally – much the same as the…

  • coping with anxiety

    Coping with Anxiety

    Everyone feels anxious from time to time. Our primordial brain hasn’t caught up with the world in terms of stopping our fight of flight reaction to stressful situations. Our hearts beat, our palms sweat, our breathing gets harder; it is…

  • lindores abbey distillery

    ThisGirlDoes Goes To: Lindores Abbey Distillery

    This weekend, Phil, the Fathership and I took ourselves off to Newburgh in Fife to explore the new, and much talked up about, Lindores Abbey Distillery. Situated around an easy hours drive from Edinburgh, the Distillery has quickly obtained its…

  • principal moments

    Principal Moments on George Street

    I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, made even more spectacular when basked in sunshine. Last night, we celebrated the reveal of the Principal George Street‘s stunning library and forth view…

  • brooklyn brewery naranjito

    Brooklyn Brewery Present: The Launch of Naranjito.

    I always wanted to be one of those blonde American girls: on the beach, sipping a bud and relaxing in the sand. Portobello beach doesn’t quite have the same effect and sadly I made my mind up from a young…