If you are looking for an Edinburgh food blog or two, then you have come to the right place. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best Edinburgh food blogs out there and it only makes sense I share some of them (and their glorious pics) with you right?

Because of that, I thought it would only be fair to share some of my favourite Edinburgh blogger friends. Some cover make-up, some food and drink, some events but all are worthy of a read.



Oh yeah... me! A few years ago, I didn't even know there was such a thing as an Edinburgh food blog. I spent my time detailing disastrous online dates. By chance, I was invited along to review a restaurant and now happily (almost) married, I have turned my attention to focusing on food rather than men. I have blogged for the likes of Marco Pierre White, the Printing Press, the Sheep's Heid, the Elphinstone and many more.


Tartan Spoon

Adele is a food expert, there is no denying it. She understands and is trained in a variety of sommelier and cookery skills meaning her reviews are based on more than opinion. She takes some beautiful photographs and is in huge demand. If you want to be educated in the true artistry of food and drink, this is the Edinburgh food blog for you.


Plate Expectations

Where do I begin with Ailidh? This lass lives for food but still has the best figure ever! She is unusual in that she not only shares restaurant reviews but her Edinburgh food blog also covers recipes and home-based cooking (pancake day anyone?!). She is a bit of a culinary genius and as a result, her instagram is a hugely popular food-porn channel. 


Boys Eat Scotland

Donny and Raymond have not only and Edinburgh food blog but a full Scottish one. Their regular trips to Mull, Skye and the North of Scotland covers a huge range of food. They are focused on quality and provenance, often visiting farms to help educate us on the importance of a quality end to end process. They also have a super cute dog Angus.


Edin Eats

This little lass can EAT and take some amazing snaps whilst doing so. Her shots remind me almost of food art, each shot carefully planned and composed. She is also an absolute stunner of a girl.

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