my boyfriend

My Boyfriend

I had vowed I wouldn’t do it. I shut my last blog down because of it. But ladies and gents, I just can’t help it. This blog is about my boyfriend because he’s bloody amazing and I have to tell you all.

For those of you who haven’t stumbled blindly along this blogger journey with me, let me recap. For seven years I was single, “enjoying” the terrible chat of tinder. I shared said chat via a blog called aguide2 for my friends amusement, my own and to try to make sense of why people are just so disgusting to each other when they’re hiding behind a screen. My singledom was interrupted by one dating disaster that we won’t go into but which left my confidence at rock bottom and the females of Edinburgh being alerted to what an utter scumbag he was.

Every Hogmanay I would assure myself that the next year I would meet someone worth being with. I knew it wouldn’t be a guy I met online or in a club and had my list of requirements that my friends and family said was unachievable. ┬áIt was going to be no easy task.

Requirements included someone with a good job, their own house, car, into performing, catholic (preferably Italian), musically talented, good-looking, kind, liked dogs, was funny, could cook, could put up with me, was taller than me and would tell me to shut up when needs be.

I knew he didn’t exist in Edinburgh. How could he when I knew everyone in drama and most Italian catholics in the city? If they did exist, they were married. So what on earth was I meant to do?

Enter the love of my life, stage left, cast as my husband in a musical we were doing together.

I’ll be honest – it wasn’t love at first sight. I’d been told he was taken, so he was firmly in my non-flirt pile. In fact it wasn’t until eight months later when I picked up the courage to properly speak to him that I discovered he was very much single and would very much like to go for a drink with me. The first date included 80% proof shots. I was smitten and we have been by each others’ side ever since.

My boyfriend ticks every single thing off my list and so much more. He is incredibly warm, loving, talented and my best friend. He is someone who has my back no matter what. My boyfriend is beautiful. He helps me through crappy times and is supports me 100%. My boyfriend makes every bad dating memory I have disappear. He is the dog’s knackers.

Most importantly, he makes me want to be a better person and for that reason alone, he is someone worth spending my life with.

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