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about me

Thisgirldoes was born out of a love for blogging, events, a job change and a copious amount of red bull. Who am I? My name is Mairi Beaver and I have worked in the advertising and PR industry for over twelve years for some bloody fantastic clients. In my tiny bit of spare time, I decided to start a blog called aguide2.me and became and Edinburgh blogger! It was basically me blethering about dating, adventures, events and general nonsense. The blog ran for three years but came to an end when I began to tire of simply being on dating profiles for blog-fodder.

What I did discover in the meantime was that I absolutely adore the geekier side of creating content. I managed to teach myself the basics of SEO, got a new job in marketing and have now ventured back into the world of blogging for reasons other than trying to get a laugh. Hiya thisgirldoes !


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