I have been part of the Edinburgh blogger and PR community for around five years now with my Edinburgh food blog This Girl Does. In that time not only have I learned loads about writing, promotion and the more technical elements of SEO and site development, I have met other lifestyle bloggers with an Edinburgh blog  or Scottish blogs that are are nothing short of incredible. Not only is there a huge wealth of talent in Edinburgh, I have been lucky enough that every Edinburgh blogger I have had the pleasure of knowing has been supportive, encouraging and friendly. There doesn't need to be competitiveness; every Edinburgh blog owner will write from their own viewpoint to their own following. Instead, I have found myself part of a lifestyle bloggers community that is simply brilliant.

Because of that, I thought it would only be fair to share some of my favourite Edinburgh blogger friends and their Edinburgh blogs. Some cover make-up, some food and drink, some events but all are worthy of a read.


Oh yeah... me! I write for thisgirldoes which covers events, an edinburgh food blog and the goings on in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I started blogging to document my disastrous adventures with online dating but once I got a (lovely) boyfriend, I moved my attention to the second loves of my life. Having worked in advertising and PR for over 12 years, blogging is something of an outlet for me and I am so grateful to have had some amazing experiences. My Edinburgh blog now covers a range of topics but also introduces Scottish bloggers to each other.


Ideal for: Food, drink, lifestyle, fashion, consumer.

Tartan Spoon

I am the first to admit I am a bit obsessed with food. That makes Adele, the owner of TartanSpoon, a dream for me to know. She is one of the most popular Edinburgh influencers I am lucky enough to know. This Edinburgh food blog reviews the latest and best restaurants in the city and across Scotland, adding a quirky flair to her content. Each experience is awarded a spoon, ranging from wooden to the glittering TartanSpoon. The food blogger experiences she shares are incredible and her eye for a delicious photo or two is enough to keep me coming back again and again. Her Edinburgh food blog is one to check out. One of the best edinburgh lifestyle bloggers around. A truly magnificent food blogger.

Ideal for: Expert food and drink opinions and high quality reviews.

The Wee Food Blogger

Kim, the wee Edinburgh food blogger documents her life via a series of beautifully crafted food shots. She has built a community that love to engage with her on Instagram - all 3,000+ people. A lovely little Edinburgh food blog and a lovely little lass.

Ideal for: A laugh, food and drink, whats on in Edinburgh, family life

The Luxe List

Lauren Dall is the brains and pretty little face behind The Luxe List. A PR Guru and Edinburgh lifestyle blogger, Lauren showcases the finer things in life - from gorgeous events in Edinburgh to spa treatments, products and more. Lauren is a girl you can meet once and never forget. She embraces every opportunity open to her and crafts the most stunning social stories. Her Edinburgh blog is well worth following.

Ideal for: Luxury lifestyle, beauty, events.



If you are looking for fashion inspo, then look no further than the gorgeous Caoilfhionn who styles up her every day looks with a touch of impeccable taste. Follow her slow Sunday morning routines or nights out in Edinburgh.

Ideal for: Fashion, events, mindfulness.

A Model Moment

Who hasn't heard of Hayley Daines? If not, you are missing out because not only is this little lady beautiful on the outside, she is the perfect package. A joyous, social media QUEEN, she spends her time on her business: A Model Moment, documenting her life, events and behind the scenes of her many shoots. As you would expect, her website is stunning - get involved and see why everyone loves her. One of the best Edinburgh fashion bloggers around.

Ideal for: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, events.

Zachary Daines

The other half of A Model Moment is Mr Zachary Daines: car and fashion lover and an all round lovely guy. This gent knows his fashion and will most likely be seen at the best and biggest events in the city, or modelling throughout Scotland. One of the few male Edinburgh lifestyle bloggers.

Ideal for: Lifestyle and events.

Blu Blazer Guy

I have often seen Scott out and about at events but it was only recently I realised what a genuinely lovely guy he is - who is incredibly good at what he does. This guys has literally thousands of followers who regularly hear about his travels, favourite products and much more. One of the most polished Edinburgh influencers around.

Ideal for: Travel, luxury, fragrance, beauty, fashion.

Reverie De Paris

Not only does Emma, owner of Reverie De Paris, and impeccable Edinburgh fashion blogger, she is also an all round good 'un. Reverie De Paris covers health, travel, lifestyle and more but hones in on the latest make up products and tips, usually which I'm convinced to then buy. Her Edinburgh blog is sleek and clean, with fantastic imagery and Emma has some fantastic opinions on life that she regularly shares. Funny and warm, she is a must for any young lass in the Burgh. Partial to a well executed Boomerang. One of my favourite Edinburgh lifestyle bloggers.

Ideal for: Beauty and fashion.

Boys Eat Scotland

The gents behind Boys Eat Scotland and who run Your Scottish Tour, Donnie and Raymond, continuously share the best places across the country to eat, sleep and play. Always on the road, they create reviews of the highlands, the west, the cities and more; constantly unearthing hidden gems for locals and tourists to visit. This is not just an Edinburgh food blog however. The best part of their site is coverage of Scotland and particularly the Mull and Iona Food Tour. Having visited a few of places listed, I can testify this country has a wealth of incredible eateries and the boys are making it their purpose to share them with us all. Not just an Edinburgh food blog but so much more.

Ideal for: Food, slow living, provenance, drink.

G is for Georgina

This little lady is a creative genius. The beauty behind her twitter and Instagram posts is stunning and I continue to be in awe of her. Each post is crafted with a suitable quote and her imagery blows my mind. She showcases Edinburgh, events, food and drink so beautifully. Apart from her talent, she is an incredibly lovely lass. Give her a follow on Instagram to see first hand just how good she is. One of the most popular Edinburgh bloggers.

Ideal for: Events, Edinburgh, Photography.


Lauren and her oh-so-adorable canine companions are the faces of Loulabellerose, a fabulous blog focused on fashion, travel and beauty. Lauren is a super popular Edinburgh blogger with a mass following - easy to see when her twitter account is always keeping me entertained. A wonderful Edinburgh blog.

Ideal for: Events, fashion, lifestyle.

Hidden Edinburgh

Hidden Edinburgh is a group for like minded individuals in the city, run by three social media savvy moguls. Their Facebook group now has just shy of 16,800, making them the go-to place for all events and happenings in the city. A hugely popular Edinburgh blog.

Ideal for: Edinburgh, events, lifestyle.

Travels with my Phone

Rachel is the little lady behind Travels with my Phone and her 105k instagram followers will testify she is super talented with said phone. Her photographs are truly stunning. Also an absolute pleasure to have at any event. One of the biggest Edinburgh influencers.

Ideal for: Photography, slow living, lifestyle, travel.

The Likely Lady

The lady herself is Laura and she is a content whizz. Not only does she work in marketing, her eye for design, SEO, photography and more means she is one of the most popular Edinburgh bloggers.

Ideal for: Events, health, lifestyle.

Style Lass

Anna is a new wee blogger on the scene and she is killing it. Her beauty and lifestyle content is so on trend. She lives in the burgh with her adorable other half, Alan, and their peaceful life in Stockbridge deserves to be shared and loved.

Ideal for: Beauty, fashion, make up, lifestyle, slow living.

Decidedly Eve

This little bombshell is a beauty blogger who knows her stuff. Not just that - she is hilarious on social media. Part of self-coined Make-up Addicts Anonymous, she shares the latest and best beauty make up tips so we can all look gorgeous. One of the best Edinburgh fashion bloggers.


Ideal for: Beauty, make-up, banter, fashion.

Juniper Daze

Steph is the little lady behind Juniper Daze. A Scottish travel blog showcasing the very best of Scotland. Apart from getting about the country, she also has a wonderful Edinburgh food blog with some of the most delicious food pictures going. That sorbet at Miller and Carter anyone?! A wonderful Edinburgh blog.


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