2019 Scottish Blogger List

Scottish bloggers are growing not only in size but popularity,  partially through the success of three or four big time bloggers and also via international campaigns like #VisitScotland that allow writers or Scottish influencers a chance to be recognised on a worldwide platform. 

There are many types of Scottish bloggers, all offering something slightly different. You need to work out why you want to use a blogger’s skills in the first place. Is it for a piece to be written and a valuable back link? Is it social visibility? Is it brand credibility? Once you work out that, you will be in a better place to identify the Scottish bloggers you want to work with and give a clear brief.


I have worked with Scottish bloggers for over 5 years and in that time became one myself. I focus mainly on food, drink and events in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and beyond but have a love of photography which sees me visiting the Highlands regularly. My passion is writing so I focus on blogging and back links supported by social, rather than the other way around.

Ideal for: Food, drink, lifestyle, fashion, consumer.

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Brass Buttons and Confidence

There are few who do it quite so beautifully as Sarah at Brass Buttons and Confidence. This lifestyle blogger lives slowly and documents the life of her family in portraits, stories and more. One of the biggest Scottish bloggers on the scene.

Ideal for: Fashion, Tips, Photography, Homegrown Living, Art.


Styled By Rebecca

I have only met Rebecca once but was blown away by her beauty and stunning outfit choices. It is apt, then, that she runs the hugely successful Styled By Rebecca, showcasing her latest outfits (when on shoot or not), her beauty recommendations and her glamorous lifestyle. One to definitely watch. One of the best Scottish bloggers around.

Ideal for: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle


Merle’s World

Merle’s World is a magical place. A full time journalist, she also turns her hand to fashion, design, beauty and more. Most importantly, she is the life and soul of any party – the perfect guest. If you don’t know this lady, by the end of a night you will be friends – guaranteed.

Ideal for: Popular culture, food and drink, design, fashion, beauty, lifestyle.



This little lass has a big personality and even bigger hair. You may have seen her on the L’Oreal commercial recently – she is drop dead gorgeous and a hell of a laugh. She is a freelance social guru, a model, lifestyle blogger and visual merchandiser – most importantly, the girl can write! <3

Ideal for: Fashion, lifestyle, styling, make up, beauty.


Alisha Ceit

This little lady writes about topics that really matter – an insight into health, dating and much more. She provides advice that young people should take on board and her photography is outstanding. A gem of a lass and one of my fave Glasgow bloggers.

Ideal for: Fashion, Beauty, Tough Talk, Health, Dating.


Blu Blazer Guy

Scott is one of those bloggers that puts everything into what he does. As a result, his coverage is impeccable. Not only that – he is a fantastic guy. His enviable lifestyle will have you hooked.

Ideal for: Lifestyle, fragrance, travel, fun.


The Chaotic Scot

The Chaotic Scot is really anything but. She is a super organised travel blogger who works with the likes of Visit Scotland, Caledonian MacBrayne, Expedia and more. Her travels around Scotland and super clean site layout means she stands out from the crowd. If you are looking for travel inspo, she’s your lass.

Ideal for: Travel, food and adventure.

Boys Eat Scotland

The gents behind Boys Eat Scotland and who run Your Scottish Tour, Donnie and Raymond, continuously share the best places across the country to eat, sleep and play.  My favourite element of their Scottish food blog is their coverage of the the Mull and Iona Food Tour. Having visited a few of places listed, I can testify this country has a wealth of incredible eateries and the boys are making it their purpose to share them with us all. The nicest Scottish bloggers I know.

Ideal for: Food, hotels, resturant, Scotland.



Rabcooks… and boy does he. This Scottish food blog’s pictures leaving me drooling and wishing I had a tenth of his skills in the kitchen and behind a camera. If food porn is your thing, click here right now.

Ideal for: Food, food, food, fooooooood.


The Wee White Dug

Scotland needs an icon and it must come in the form of Casper The Wee White Dug. Stunning visuals of Scotland along with a huge list of things to do and see means you could stay on Sam’s (Casper’s Mummy)’s site for ever. Not your usual Scottish influencer, but one (and a cute one) none the less.

Ideal for: Scenic tours of Scotland, Recommendations of things to do and places to see, a cute dog – winner.



Scotland has a lot of truly amazing food bloggers. What makes Foodiequine stand out is her love for fresh and homemade produce and insane ability to cook – check out these amazing Wild Pesto Garlic Pinwheels! This Scottish food blog owner is a total kitchen inspiration and one day I will bake like her!

Ideal for: Food, homemade produce, baking, travel.


Social Bitches Edinburgh

I was only introduced to the two (very) Social Bitches Edinburgh recently but their instagram is a ball of fun and laughter. My goodness, they know how to have a good time – attending restaurant launches, parties, the theatre… I SO want to be their friend! If you are looking to inject the best of Scotland into your life, give these Scottish influencers a like on Insta.

Ideal for: Fun, food, events, lifestyle.


Scots Larder

I worked with Graeme on a campaign for Greener Together many years ago and was so impressed with his attention to detail and gorgeous recipes. He is an advocate of using our natural larder and eating seasonally to create stunning dishes. His Scottish food blog is packed full of advice and his recipes are some of the best I have seen. One of the highest quality Scottish bloggers around.

Ideal for: Sustainibility, food, drink, recipes.


Lafotka is a self-confessed street style fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her iconic fashion spreads are stunning – straight out of Vogue and her 23k Instagram followers certainly agree. Her fashion taste and stunning beauty must make her one of the top bloggers in Scotland.

Ideal for: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle.


Travels With My Phone

107,000 people can’t be wrong. That is how many Insta fans Rachel has amassed and she wows them regularly with her beautiful landscape shots, cosy winter snaps and beautifully styled artistic images. She has a real personality with her work – one that has amassed her a huge following.

Ideal for: Travel, lifestyle, food, drink.


Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Elizabeth and her kitchen live on the incredible Shetland Isles and consider themselves as the UK’s most northerly blogger which seems pretty legit. Her health-conscious cuisine leaves taste buds tingling and coupled with her documented life on a remote island, her beautiful stills are a joy to behold.

Ideal for: Food, drink, health, travel, family.



Gordon is one of the biggest and best bloggers in Scotland, covering a mix of fashion and lifestyle events. His unique sense of style results in him being an excellent Scottish ambassador, showcasing a rich contemporary view of the country and spreading worldwide. A major Scottish influencer.


Food to Glow

I was recommended Kellie’s blog by a fellow Scottish blogger and was taken aback by not only her writing and social media but her warmth. An American ex-pat, Kellie creates and photographs food that not only looks good but is designed to help you feel good.

Ideal for: Food, drink, health, vegan, gluten-free inspiration


The Skincare Saviour

Andrew at The Skincare Saviour, formally Beauty and the Boy, is a male blogger specialising in all things beauty and boy, he does it well. With a cult following, his reviews and recommendations are worth listening to.

Ideal for: Beauty, skincare, self-care, health


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